July 2000

Welcome to Bike of the Month !!! Every month I will try to feature a different NSR in this section. Below you can check out this month's featured bike of the month. Do you think your NSR belongs here ? Then send a few pictures and some information and maybe we can feature it here. Mail to me here.

1988 Honda NSR

Here is one of the strangest road going NSR's I have ever seen. It doesn't really look like an NSR but it is. The front suspension and front wheel is borrowed from a Suzuki RGV 250 with the six pot brake calipers coming from a GSX-R 1100. The bike started out as a 1988 NSR. The only original parts remaining are the frame and the rear running gear.
74 K - Click for larger image Here is the engine which comes from a 1990 MC21 style NSR. It's just a standard engine with a slight top end job to freshen it up. No dry racing clutch , just normal. The radiator was plucked from a Honda RS 250 racer so there are no overheating problems. The carbs are original, rebuilt of course and re-jetted. The engine is tuned for normal midrange power and is not meant for racing on a track.
The rear suspension is all normal except for the swingarm which has been extended 10 c.m. The rear brake line is of the mesh type and the pipes are made by Jha. These pipes are a lower cost alternative to the more expensive pipes. They are called "LUCIFER" They still offer 8 horsepower over the original set up and have a very unique look to them. Click on image for larger picture. 64 K - Click for larger image
70 K - Click for larger image

One of the most interesting things about this bike is it's bodywork or the lack of it. There is no front cowl for that matter and the gas tank is made of fiberglass. The paint work is of course all custom. The seat cowl is custom made too with brake lights and turn signals from Kijima racing and a fenderless kit that allows you to adjust the angle of your license plate.

The front of the bike as you can see has no front cowl. In it's place is a number plate borrowed from a Dirt Tracker. A single but powerful halogen light is fitted into the number plate for sufficient night driving. Other goodies are a centered mechanical speedo and a master cylinder from a Honda RC30. The Tachometer is on the left side of the bike parallel with the frame just above the radiator. Front end
One piece handle bar Here are the new up style one piece handle bars replacing the older separate style racing type. The owner of this bike refers to it as an adult style touring NSR with comfort in mind. Also you can see the Daytona tachometer on the left side and the RC30 master cylinder.
Now this is unusual on a street bike. I don't remember seeing NSR's with pop up gasoline tanks and custom aluminum tanks but this one has it. Actually the tank is made by ABC racing in Japan and designed for the NS-1 but these guys made it work for their project NSR 250. The tank cover is custom made from fiberglass and flips up when you need to fill up. Very cool indeed !! Gasoline tank