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The December 2000 Bike of the Month is owned by Nisshin of Tokyo Japan. His bike is a 1990 NSR 250 R. This bike is a nice example of one high powered MC21 with out any fancy paint or bodywork.

Nisshin has owned this bike for over four years now. Before that he owned a Yamaha RZ 250 until that bike was written off in an accident. Luckily for him, one of his friends was selling this NSR and he quickly bought it with out any hesitations. Click for full size image - 53K
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Looking closely at the bike you will notice it's still in the original Red and Black colors. He removed some of the factory stickers and stripes to alter the image of this bike slightly. The appearance of the bike was not his main concern. Nisshin was more interested in getting Maximum performance from his machine.

Starting off with the engine, first he removed the cover for the carb box and fabricated his own screen to keep out bugs and other debris. Then he could begin to play with the carb settings. This required a lot of trial and error testing. Click here to see his custom made screen. Other parts added were carbon reed valves, Intake reed valve spacers and every other carb setting part ever made by HRC. Click for full size image - 53K
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The pipes on this bike are from Harc-Pro. The bike has been de-restricted with a full race HRC-SP unit and a HRC center plug kit was added. After all this work he had the bikes engine power measured on a dynometer. He was able to get 56.4 Horsepower at 11,400 RPM with 3.7 kg-m of torque at 10,300 RPM at the rear wheel. This is quite good considering the bike had over 50,000 kms on it at the time of the test.

Looking at the bike from the front you can see it is nearly all original. A front aero fender from BEET JAPAN and a Posh street headlight number cover finish it up. Tires on the bike are Bridgestone Battalax BT96 for the front while the rear tire is a Dunlop Rideen GPR 70. Brakes have been improved with race pads, stainless braided mesh lines for the front and rear plus a heavy duty 5/8 inch master cylinder from Nissin. ( Not to be confused with Nisshin ) Click for full size image - 40K
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Here is a nice shot of the Harc-Pro pipes from behind. Other parts added are a NHK steering damper. A back step kit from Coerce ( 20mm UP / 50mm BACK ) plus a custom made rear fenderless kit, Daytona red clutch wire, NGK VX plugs and a RK gold chain. When Nisshin first bought this bike it had 10,000 kms on it, now the bike has well over 56,000 kms on it and still going strong. In those 56,000 plus kilometers he has learned lots and had a few problems, which include a blown piston, two warped counter shafts and one flip over from over braking while showing off for his friends.

Yes !! His bike has plenty of kilometers on it but it's still able to keep up with much larger bikes. I am sure you can tell Nisshin is a bike freak and he has his own NSR homepage in Japanese. It's full of information, pictures and has all kinds of links. Take me to Nisshin's Homepage for more about his bike and other NSR info !! Click for full size - 25K

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