December 2002

92K - Click for full size image The December 2002 Bike of the Month belongs to a Japanese NSR rider who wishes to be left anonymous.
The anonymous NSR rider bought this NSR from a local NSR specialty shop in Osaka, Japan called ICU. The shop and this NSR rider sat down and decided what the new owner wanted. 79K - Click for full size image
101K - Click for full size image A low mileage and mechanically fit bike was found. The owner decided on the 2001 Rossi Colors and ICU custom painted the bike as requested by the owner.
ICU specializes in the NSR and also custom painting. Stock bodywork was retained with the exception of the Silhouette Japan front fender. ICU did a fabulous job on this bike. Details are incredible, great color matching and a nice clear coat finishes it off. 107K - Click for full size image
88K - Click for full size image A new screen and mirror set were ordered too. The engine was torn apart and fully rebuilt to ICU's xp Evolution standards. Includes balanced crank, new and modified cylinders and reworked RC valves. Air box is stock with slightly modified main jets only.
A new exhaust system will be ordered from TSR with stainless bodies and carbon kevlar silencers, but unfortunately did not make it in time for the picture shoot. 70K - Click for full size image
73K - Click for full size image Attention to detail is excellent. The bike is super clean now. ICU also rebuild the front suspension, fitted a NHK steering damper, added new Dunlop GPR70SP tires, new sport brake pads and Goodrich steel braided lines for better performance.
If you happen to be in the Osaka area, be sure to stop by ICU and pay them a visit. They always have a stock of used NSR's on hand and would be glad to help out with most anything you may need for your NSR. 97K - Click for full size image
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