December 2003

125K - Click for full size image The December 2003 Bike of the Month belongs to Mouzou from Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan.
Mouzou's MC28 NSR started off life as a true 1995 SP model in the very rare HRC colors. Mouzou is a big fan of Valentino Rossi and really liked the look of the Repsol colors, so he retired his 1995 colors and replaced them with the 1996 Repsol colors. 116K - Click for full size image
121K - Click for full size image One call to Silhouette Japan was all Mouzou needed for his new bodywork. He ordered the 500 Replica kit along with the Works type V seat and replica fender. Silhouette Japan painted the bodywork for him in the 1996 Repsol SP colors. A new Repsol colored tank was ordered from his local Honda dealer to match the rest of the bodywork.
A back view shot shows the tiny twin brake lights of the Works type V seat. The small storage compartment and rear passenger seat are lost with the installation of this seat, but it looks absolutely wild and saves a few pounds too. Besides this is the way the NSR looks best. 47K - Click for full size image
67K - Click for full size image Stock mirrors, wind screen and rear turn signals were kept, new flush mounted front turn signals replace the stock ones. All stickers on the bike are Honda OEM Repsol stickers, plus a few other Rossi replica stickers as well. This NSR is absolutely flawless and super clean.
There is more than just great looks, so Mouzou decided to tune up his engine a bit with a fresh rebuild. The stock air box is used along with a Daytona Turbo Filter and a HRC carb kit. Better throttle response from HRC reed stuffers, spacers and M's twin reed race kit. 91K - Click for full size image
113K - Click for full size image The largest gains in performance come with an aftermarket exhaust system. Mouzou choose the latest RS FORCE 304 kit from Jha with it's stainless body and Titanium silencers for huge gains in power, lighter weight, better looks and of course that wonderful sound.
Brakes needed improving, so the stock Nissin calipers were swapped in favor of Brembo casting type street calipers with titanium bolts, quick release pad pins, stainless steel brake lines all around. A Brembo radial master cylinder finishes off the brakes. Special adapter brackets were made for the fitting of the Brembo calipers to the rebuilt SP front forks. Wheels are SP Mag-Tek wheels wrapped in Dunlop GPR70SP tires. 85K - Click for full size image
117K - Click for full size image

Lots of other parts such as the Beet Back step kit Click here 62K ,NHK Steering damper, Antlion billet clutch lever, quick release Gas tank, upper cowl stay and race fasteners, preload quick adjusters, Jha carbon look meter panel cover, Jha tachometer white face plate, heavy duty clutch cable and Jha heavy duty clutch springs.

Still more, one-off rear chain guard eliminator kit, carbon fiber rear chain cover stay (Click here 70K), AFAM sprockets, gold chain and almost every bolt on this immaculate NSR has been changed with Titanium or alloy bolts. Most people would be satisfied with a NSR like this, but not Mouzou. He has plans for even more mods and improvements to this already amazing NSR. 95K - Click for full size image
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