December 2004

87K - Click for full size image The December 2004 Bike of the Month belongs to Tim Moricca from Texas in the United States.
This NSR started out as an ex-racer from the Harc Pro race team in Japan. It was raced in the 1998 season where it was later on sold and shipped to the USA and then club raced for half a season. Tim bought it off the owner with plans to club race it and also use for occasional street riding as well. 86K - Click for full size image
69K - Click for full size image The bike is an original SP model and showed up at Tim's place with white Mag-Tek wheels, SP suspension parts, two sets of bodywork and a whole bunch of spare parts that included race pipes, HRC parts, sprockets, suspension goodies and so much more that it would be impossible to list here.
Tim has two complete sets of stock Repsol colored SP bodywork including the tanks in mint condition that he uses for street riding. One set is for street use and another set is kept safely guarded in storage for when he wants to restore this bike someday. When he club races this NSR, he switches over to race bodywork so he can keep his nice Repsol bodywork in nice shape. 37K - Click for full size image
38K - Click for full size image

Tim's engine had been modified a lot from the race mechanics at Harc Pro in Japan with matched cases, lightened and balanced crank, the kick starter, oil pump, oil pressure sensor and steering head lock were removed. Cylinders were ported and high compression heads fitted, Hi Flow Reeds and Stuffers, Harc Pro Pipes, a Harc Pro full ram air kit, HRC jetted carbs with anodized velocity stacks, HRC 010 Card and racing wiring harness, RS250 coils, wires, caps and plugs and a HRC triple core radiator and hose kit with overflow bottle.

Tim both raced the bike and drove it on the street for a while and then did some other mods such as reworking the Ram air kit to work better on the street, new head gaskets were fitted to slightly lower compression to work with the high compression heads with high octane street gas and Tim added a stock wire harness modified so the HRC card and lights work together. The engine was later on rebuilt again with replated cylinders, new crank and makes loads of power, yet is totally streetable. 70K - Click for full size image
84K - Click for full size image Tyga Performance helped out big time with carbon reeds, HRC rear brake resevoir kit, carbon style parts, new rear sets and a sweet set of Black Mag-Tek wheels plus more. The suspension was completely redone with a custom made Penske rear shock and the front was rebuilt as well with new HRC springs, Coerce front fork brace and preload quick adjusters.
Braking is improved with braided lines all around, Lyndall Carbon brake pads and full floating aluminum anodized rotor buttons. Other goodies are a billet alloy upper triple clamp, Sansei Racing clip ons, TSR quick release upper cowl stay, Coerce carbon fiber front fender, Mychron on board Lap Timer, Kiss 1/4 turn Quick throttle, modified headlight to accept blue H4 lights with a white mesh headlight cover. 71K - Click for full size image
84K - Click for full size image Running out of space...Ohlins steering damper, custom fender eliminator kit, Marchesini Light weight gas cap, Michelin sport tires, modified side stand to work with reverse GP style shift pattern, alloy bolts everywhere and more. Tim is still not finished with this NSR, he has plans for even more mods and actually owns another mint condition all original Repsol SP model that he keeps safely garaged away.
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