January/February 2002

75K - Click for full size image Hello Everyone !! Due to my extended winter vacation and broken collarbone the January and February Bikes of the Month have become one, and what a great one it is !!
Most of you may remember Frank Toby Chi with his other spectacular NSR250R SE that was featured on my Website as August 2001 Bike of the Month. 68K - Click for full size
87K - Click for full size Well......Frank is back at it again with an all new NSR. This new bike is a 1995 NSR250R SP model. The original bodywork was retained for the future if Frank ever decides to sell this machine.
The first thing you notice on this NSR is the bodywork and the cool paint scheme. The paint design is an original design by Frank himself and perfectly applied by Jim Murillo located in Hawthorne, California. The color blends from gun-metal gray to silver throughout the body. All silver, gun-metal gray and red are coated with glossy clear coat, while the black paint is coated with matte finish for an extremely distinguished contrast. The decals are designed and made by Frank himself. 74K - Click for full size
90K - Click for full size The bodywork is supplied from Tyga Performance and consists of the Tyga Eyes upper cowl which uses NSR150SP headlights, lowers, Tyga Tail seat with the brake light kit and the GP style front fender. Frank had custom brackets built to fit the bodywork. A keyless fuel tank cap from Red Racing saves weight and gives the bike a racer look. Tech tip from Frank : You will need to drill a small hole into it to avoid fuel line/tank vacuum which causes the bike to stall after 15 miles of running. Click here to see a detailed picture of the pin hole.
The bike was modified with the HRC Dry race card and wire loom but after some consideration Frank decided to return the bike to the normal PGM IV ignition card setup because he wanted a fully streetable bike and had lots of confidence in his new stainless Tyga pipes. 88K - Click for full size
101K - Click for full size image The engine was prepped by master tuner Steve Biganski in Lawndale, California. He gave his usual Tender Loving Care down to every little detail of the bike to make this NSR's performance more then satisfying and works very well with the Tyga pipes and carbon kevlar silencers.
With the engine and body completed it was time for other details of the bike. Toru Furumaya at TSR UK helped out with a Toby Steering Damper and bracket kit that fits perfectly with no interference and offers a wide variety of adjustment from full race to comfortable street riding. TSR also supplied the gold anodized quick adjusters for the front forks. V.3 adjustable Clip-ons from Two Brothers Racing save weight and allow Frank to choose the position right for him. 89K - Click for full size
83K - Click for full size TSR also came to the rescue again with these incredible rear sets. They were a breeze to install and have attracted lots of attention from Franks riding friends when he takes the NSR out.
Made of the highest quality aluminum, and fully polished. They are adjustable with four different positions and use an electric switch for the rear brake light, no more springs to fall off. A little pricey, but they are the ultimate rear sets for the NSR and are really a work of art. 93K - Click for full size
93K - Click for full size image Other extras are stainless brake lines from Hammyboys Motorsports and clear turn signals from LockHart Phillips. Frank really wants to thank Matt Patterson for his great service and especially his wife for putting up with him while Frank was working on this bike. Frank's hard work has really paid off as this new NSR is truly a work of art !!
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