February 2003

76K - Click for full size image The February 2003 Bike of the Month belongs to Melvin from Singapore.
Melvin rides a 1990 NSR 250R standard model that is not really standard anymore. 73K - Click for full size image
28K - Click for full size image Melvin bought the bike from a local Singapore NSR rider in March of 2002. The bike was sprayed in some late model Honda super bike colors and had a few parts borrowed from a earlier model MC18. Melvin was not totally satisfied after buying the NSR and decided then he would make a bunch of improvements for increased performance and better looks. Click here to see a past picture of his NSR.
First thing was to locate the correct MC21 parts to replace the MC18 parts. Next the bike was pulled apart and totally cleaned up. Old parts were replaced and many new parts were added. 50K - Click for full size image
75K - Click for full size image Next step was to repair the factory bodywork that had a few scratches. A local paint shop took care of the Gloss Black paintwork and added a few coats of clear that was polished to a shiny finish. Front and rear fenders from Tyga performance give this NSR a more aggressive look.
While the bike was being painted the frame, swingarm, lower front fork tubes, gas cap filler, fairing stay and top triple clamp were all polished. The windscreen was tinted black, new stickers added and clear turn signals give the bike a different look. 70K - Click for full size image
70K - Click for full size image After getting the bike looking nice it was time for some performance modifications which included Jha Pipes, M-Max box, rejetted carb with HRC airbox, HRC brake lines and new pads. Melvin started to upgrade his `R` model to SP specs with a SP rear shock, Mag-Tek wheels and converted to a dry clutch system. Custom made rear sets, Dunlop GPR70SP tires and a Daytona steering damper help out too.
Melvin is not quite finished with his NSR yet. Future plans will see a front end conversion from a RS250 with inverted forks, bigger brakes and even more. Melvin has his own NSR Website, click here to find out more about him, his NSR and his Website. 64K - Click for full size image
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