January 2004

89K - Click for full size image Happy New Year everyone !! This January and first Bike of the Month for 2004 belongs to Pradeep Loganathan from Sri Lanka with his amazing MC21 NSR250R SP.
The history of this NSR started in Malaysia where it was raced in several races and took many podium finishes. After a few years the bike found it's way to Sri Lanka where it was raced by Sri Lanka's top racer at the time. 86K - Click for full size image
85K - Click for full size image This NSR went on to win the Sri Lanka championships and was the fastest NSR of all time in Sri Lanka. Pradeep had a beautifully restored NSR125 at the time and really wanted a 250, As fate would have it this NSR somehow ended up in Pradeep's hands after the previous race team decided to put it up for sale. Pradeep had lucked out !!
After the bike was purchased, Pradeep picked it up and brought it back to it's new home. Even though this was a championship winner NSR it looked like it had seen better days. This NSR was in need of a full restoration and loads of work. That is when Pradeep decided he was to completely rebuild the entire bike back to better than stock condition with performance in mind. 30K - Click for full size image
92K - Click for full size image This NSR was completely disassembled to every little tiny bolt. All new wiring, brackets, bearings, seals and more were replaced. The engine was fully overhauled and includes polished ports. Carbs were replaced with re-jetted MC28 carbs, HRC center mounted cylinder head kit, modified air box and many more race parts.
Pradeep's NSR was derestricted with JHA SP pipes and a HRC PGM kit for full power. Pradeep polished the frame and rear suspension to a beautiful mirror finish. Almost every part on the bike was changed with the exception of the frame and rear swingarm. All bolts were replaced. Suspension was upgraded with revalved MC28 front forks again polished by Pradeep. The rear shock was rebuilt too for a great ride that was then tested and fully set up by Pradeep himself. 93K - Click for full size image
57K - Click for full size image Brakes are improved with front MC28 calipers, steel braided brake lines, sport pads and converted floating front discs. The upper cowl is the familiar Tyga Spark with it's integrated headlight/turn signal combo. The lowers are locally made RS250 lowers modified to match the Tyga upper with custom brackets. The seat is a one piece MC28 type. The very interesting paintwork is based on the Tyga coloring scheme and really looks wild. Other goodies would be AFAM sprockets, custom front fender with fog light, Ethos preload adjusters, gold chain and Dunlop GPR70SP tires.
Pradeep is still not finished with his NSR, he just ordered a whole bunch of goodies from Tyga including new pipes, seat cowl and more. Future plans will see USD forks and other modifications to this restoration project that has already taken nearly one year to complete. Pradeep has built himself one beautiful NSR that anyone would be proud to own. 81K - Click for full size image
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