July 2004

107K - Click for full size image The July 2004 Bike of the Month belongs to a rider nicknamed Sonny from Japan.
Sonny's bike started off as a 1999 MC28 SE model which he had bought brand new. A few years later while he was out riding his NSR it happened..... 106K - Click for full size image
92K - Click for full size image Sonny was involved in an accident. Luckily for Sonny he was not injured too badly. Unfortunately his NSR was not so lucky. The front end was bent, the bodywork destroyed and many other parts needed replacing.
After a little while Sonny used the insurance claim to rebuild his NSR that he loves so much. When Sonny bought his 1999 MC28SE model new in 1999 there were no more SP models around. He always wanted to have a SP model and really loved the looks of the 1995 HRC SP colors. 53K - Click for full size image
60KK - Click for full size image So he decided to build his own HRC SP model NSR from all the Honda O.E.M parts. He ordered a brand new gas tank, new upper and lowers, seat, mirrors and screen. The standard aluminum wheels were replaced with new SP Mag-Tek wheels front and rear along with new sport tires. A carbon fiber style rear brake light panel from Jha was added too. The bike was coming along and looking really well. Next was to replace the smashed front forks with the Jha NSR/RVF400 upside down front fork conversion kit. It includes all the parts for a fairly simple job and gives the bike incredible looks with improved braking as well.
Sonny didn't stop right there, he wanted to rebuild his NSR the way he always dreamed off. The latest pipes from Jha were added, the RS Force 304 kit with stainless bodies and titanium silencers. A Kenzo Bakudan kit was added as well to make a few more horsepower. 71K - Click for full size image
110K - Click for full size image Brakes were improved with Earls stainless steel brake lines all around and sportier brake pads. Riding position is improved with WR's racing rear set kit and Sansei quick release endurance type clip ons. A steering damper from NHK was added for peace of mind while riding fast and MC21 hideaway rear passenger foot rests were installed for cleaner looks.
Other extras are the Corin Motors rear fender hugger, a custom aluminum rear brake hose stay, Jha carbon style meter panel kit and a few other little touches here and there. Sonny has done a great job in bringing his NSR back to better than stock shape where most other owners might have just abandoned it. Nice work Sonny !! 96K - Click for full size image
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