June 2002

73K - Click for full size image June 2002 Bike of the Month comes from San Jose, California and is owned by a well known and informative NSR rider named James Massie.
This month is the first time to feature a full racing spec NSR250. Previous Bike of the Month features have shown some wild and incredibly built machines. James's NSR racer may not be the prettiest around or have a super expensive and custom paint job, but this bike is no slouch and has the potential to leave other NSR's and much larger bikes in the dust. 79K - Click for full size image
74K - Click for full size image James is a very active racer in the AFM and CCS 250 Super Bike class. He bought this bike on a Internet auction and began to fix all the little problems that the previous owner had neglected. His NSR has been modified extensively since then.
The bike is a racing machine so the oil injection was removed. A Jha full carb setting kit was set up along with a Kiss Racing open carb box and Posh racing funnels. An HRC black box and SP wiring harness were added too. HRC reed valves, spacers and stuffers give much improved throttle response. Engine power has been improved with a engine rebuild using RS250 high compression head gaskets and the HRC rear cylinder head conversion kit complete with 105 NGK shortie race plugs. Racing pipes with aluminum silencers from Tyga Performance finish off the power modifications. 40K - Click for full size image
76K - Click for full size image All new bodywork was ordered from Air Tech and painted by James along with the gas tank. A works type bubble screen helps out in the aerodynamics department.
The inverted front suspension comes from a Honda RVF400 that was modified my James and his friend to fit the NSR. He has been very pleased with the performance of these cool looking forks. Other extras are the Kiss quarter turn throttle kit, Vortex three piece clip ons and this funky front brake lever. 58K - Click for full size image
60K - Click for full size image

The RVF forks allow use of larger 296mm front discs. Lightweight Brembo 4 Pot cast alloy calipers were added with custom billet adapters, Galfer steel front and rear brake lines and a Brembo master cylinder for absolutely incredible braking performance. James was seriously impressed with these awesome calipers and has more than enough brakes now.

By the way, I have a brand new pair of these Brembo calipers with new pads for sale if anyone is interested. Contact me for more info or look here.

The top triple clamp was polished up for a nice finish. Posh digital temperature gauge keeps the rider informed and TSR upper cowl quick release brackets save weight and time when it is necessary to pull the upper off in a hurry. 73K - Click for full size image
86K - Click for full size image A 3.5 inch front wheel from a RS250 and a rear Mag-Tek wheel help to keep weight down wrapped by Dunlop racing slicks. Battle Factory rear sets give a better racing position for the rider, Steering damper, AFAM race sprockets, Kiss overflow bottles, the list goes on.......
James has really been enjoying himself racing this NSR. His friend got him into it a few years ago and he was instantly hooked. He competes mostly against Aprililas, TZ's and a few other NSR's. James learned so much from Racing and Racing school. His skills have improved a lot and racing also improved his street riding skills as well. 49K - Click for full size image
82K - Click for full size image Future plans will see a rear Ohlins shock and RS250 forks for the ultimate suspension set up and an even quicker machine. Keep your eyes open for James (#481) in the AFM and CCS 250 SuperBike class. There will be a few new NSR riders making their debuts as well. Should be an exciting season.
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