June 2004

87K - Click for full size image The June 2004 Bike of the Month belongs to Maxim from England with this amazing 1992 MC21.
Maxim bought this NSR last summer from a fellow lister on the NSR mailing list in the UK. When he bought the bike it was in pretty bad shape and had a seized front cylinder. This was to be his new project bike. 120K - Click for full size image
123K - Click for full size image After three months of hard work, the bike was finally rideable and ready to go for street use. Right after getting his MOT certification while on his way back from the test center it all happened.....
Maxim was rear ended by a drunk driver. After all the hard work it was time to start over. Luckily for Maxim he was not injured too bad and the bike could still be repaired. Click here to see a picture of the bike after the accident. 107K - Click for full size image
66K - Click for full size image After Maxim fully recovered from his injuries and received a settlement from the drunk drivers insurance company it was time to go shopping !! First call was to Tyga-Performance. Maxim ordered the full Tyga GP250 body kit, seat and subframe kit complete with all lights, screen, upper cowl stay and the Tyga-lite alloy meter stay.
After trial fitting the bodywork and making some adjustments, it was removed again and sent off to a professional paint shop for this simple yet striking paint design based on the Honda Wing mark. The gas tank was replaced with a MC28 tank and the paint shop smoothed out the bodywork, sprayed the beautiful metallic silver and black paint, applied the custom decals and finished it off with coats of clear for a fabulous job. 69K - Click for full size image
106K - Click for full size image While Maxim's NSR was in the paint shop he made another call, this time to JHA in Japan and ordered their RVF/NSR upside down fork kit.
The Jha upside down fork kit uses the RVF400 forks which are resprung to work better with the NSR. The steering lock is still functional and handling and braking are improved as well, not to mention killer looks!! 81K - Click for full size image
98K - Click for full size image Maxim decided to splurge a little and had his fork inners black diamond coated like the latest GSX-R models. Brakes have been improved with MC28 calipers matched to a set of floating wave rotors (size 296mm) from Braking. Mesh brake lines help too. While the front end was coming together another phone call was made to Tyga for a whole new order. Maxim order the Tyga 300cc Kit, Tyga stainless pipes with Jha silencers, Tyga Hi-Flow carbon fiber reed valve kit and the Tyga rear sets.
After the motor was rebuilt with all the Tyga goodies it put out an amazing 71.5 Horsepower at the rear wheel after a dyno run. This bike weighs in at just 119kg and wheelies right through the first two gears. Maxim is really pleased with his redone NSR but still has more plans for other improvements. 89K - Click for full size image
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