March 2004

113K - Click for full size image The March 2004 Bike of the Month belongs to Momo from Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
Momo is a very well known NSR enthusiast through out Japan and the Internet with his very popular Japanese website called IJETTERUKAI? His website is all about doing it yourself NSR customizing and that is what he has done exactly with this cool MC18. 128K - Click for full size image
109K - Click for full size image This particular model NSR started off as a 1989 MC18 project bike that he had lying around and wanted to restore and improve the bike with better performance and updated looks.
Momo did all the work himself. He started by completely taking the bike apart and inspecting each part individually. While the bike was in pieces he beautifully polished the frame, rear swingarm, front forks and the upper triple clamp. He had been collecting a whole bunch of spare parts about one year before this project began and had a nice parts bin to start with. 153K - Click for full size image
82K - Click for full size image An dry clutch engine from a SP model replaces the stock R type engine. The engine was fully overhauled and performance is improved with F3 RC valves, modified cylinders, cases and reworked carbs that are matched to a modified air box and rejetted for optimum performance. HRC reeds, Nology performance ignition wires, custom wire grounding kit and a HRC PGM unit help out too while the exhaust is handled by Dog Fight Racing. This powerful motor is kept cool by a HRC triple core radiator and works wonderfully in the hot summer days.
Momo has built this standard R type model into SP specifications. The fully adjustable front forks were taken from a SP model and were rebuilt and resprung for much sportier riding. The rear shock (also rebuilt) is a very rare original F3 rear race shock and makes a big difference in the handling of this NSR. Lighter magnesium MagTek wheels front and rear reduce weight and are fitted with Dunlop GPR80SP tires while a HRC steering damper helps to prevent tank slappers. Rear sets from Coerce keep Momo's feet away from the asphalt during fast corners. 89K - Click for full size image
69K - Click for full size image Brakes have been improved with stainless steel braided brake lines, sportier brake pads, rebuilt master cylinders and Brembo 4-pot cast calipers fitted with custom adapters. Other extras are the quarter turn throttle kit, alloy sprocket, new mirrors and tinted screen.
Finally to convert this R model to full SP specs Momo decided to go with the classic SP Rothmans Honda colors. A stock MC18 SP tank and stock SP lowers were picked up for cheap. The one piece rear seat was bought from a friend and the Suzuka 8 hours endurance type upper was purchased from an auction. Twin LED headlights were fitted and the rear brake lights were also converted to the LED type too. Momo took care of the paintwork himself and it turned out well. 110K - Click for full size image
100K - Click for full size image Momo has really done a nice job bringing this NSR back and still has even more plans. Actually Momo has five MC18's and a whole new project under way right now. More about Momo and his MC18 addiction can be found by checking out his famous website called IJETTERUKAI which means something like do it your self customizing in Japanese.
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