May 2003

133K - Click for full size image The May 2003 Bike of the Month belongs to a big NSR fan nicknamed Ponji from Osaka, Japan.
Ponji's NSR is a 1991NSR250R SE model and has been modified extensively as you can see in the photos. 81K - Click for full size image
147K - Click for full size image Ponji found out about Tyga Performance through my Website and though it would be interesting to have some non-Japanese bodywork on his NSR for an all original look in Japan. So an order was placed and the full Tyga GP250 kit was ordered with the upper, lowers, seat, screen and all the other little extras.
After arrival of the bodywork from Tyga, Ponji got started right away on the design and paintwork. A professional paint shop took care of the painting while Ponji did all the decal work himself. The design is striking and really stands out. Colors are based on his racing team in Osaka, Japan. An MC28 gas tank was also painted to match and fitted. 90K - Click for full size image
91K - Click for full size image A prototype front fender from KDC, carbon fiber rear fender from Coerce, Active carbon fiber mirrors, Tyga head light and rear LED tail lamp finish of this cool NSR in the looks department.
Ponji enjoys taking his NSR to the local race courses and riding his NSR hard. So some modifications were necessary such as front and rear Mag-Tek wheels wrapped with Bridgestone BT-090 high grip tires. MC28 SP front forks which have been revalved were also fitted. The gold front calipers are from a Honda CB400-SF and bolt onto the MC28 forks perfectly. 56K - Click for full size image
88K - Click for full size image A steering damper from WP and MC18 type aluminum clip ons help out too. Other braking improvements are the Brembo radial pump race master cylinder with custom mount, full floating Brembo cast iron front discs, AREGURI stainless steel brake lines and FCM 10 sport pads.
So Ponji's NSR was looking great and was ready for some action, but was in need of more power. So a set of ETHOS stainless pipes with carbon fiber silencers were added. This MC21 was derestricted with a K.I.S.S racing box and intake was improved with HRC reeds, stuffers and spacers. 67K - Click for full size image
81K - Click for full size image Other improvements are billet rear sets from Coerce, AFAM front sprocket, Coerce super hard rear sprocket, DID chain, ETHOS preload adjusters, SASAKI TECHNIQUE carbon rear chain guard, ANTLION billet clutch lever, RS500 grips, stainless quick release brake pad pins, ETHOS rear brake masterless kit.....
Running out of space..... Daytona digital temp gauge, a very cool and custom EL meter panel made by Ponji himself, DENSO IWM27 iridium plugs, Jha heavy duty clutch springs, Kitaco red clutch cable, and various alloy parts. Ponji has built himself one amazing NSR and it really stands out even here in Japan. Future plans will seen even more improvements. 74K - Click for full size image
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