May 2004

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The May 2004 Bike of the Month belongs to Ian Labram from South Africa
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Ian first bought this bike is early 2002. It was a fully stock 1990 250R model and he planned on using this bike for racing and track days only. Click here to see a picture of it the day he bought it. 87K - Click for full size image
76K - Click for full size image After a few races, Ian had a little get-off while high siding coming out of a hairpin. That is when the NSR ended up looking like this after being repaired.
The following race season saw Ian suffer a much larger crash that completely destroyed all the bodywork, tank and a few other parts. That is when Ian replaced his smashed bodywork with this locally made (South African) glass fiber kit designed on Honda RS250 lines but able to bolt on to an NSR250 without much of a hassle. After fitting the new bodywork, Ian decided to go all out and build one amazing NSR track bike. 65K - Click for full size image
88K - Click for full size image Ian did the design himself based on the popular Fortuna racing colors. He decided on number 7 from Daijiro Katoh's 74 plus Carlos Checa is 7 also Rolfo had used 7 when he first rode in these colors not to mention it is a lucky number and Ian needs all the luck he can get.
After Ian finished the design he contacted one of his good friends who does paintwork for a living and gave Ian one of the best deals around. With the bike looking great it was time to turn some attention to other areas. HRC replica pipes were purchased then chrome plated, silencers are gutted MC18 ones. The airbox was cut out big time and the carbs were rejetted. Coerce rear sets were installed for better positioning, brakes were upgraded with steel braided lines all around and new brake pads. A CBR250 tinted screen was added and new tires fitted to the custom painted/polished wheels finish it off. 65K - Click for full size image
71K - Click for full size image Ian still has many more plans which include a HRC airbox, full suspension tuning and a steering damper. Let's hope Ian can keep this beautiful looking racer (and himself) in tip top shape and avoid crashing out. Good luck Ian!!
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