Click for larger image - 62K Here we have one of the coolest NSR 250 models I have ever seen in my life !! The bike belongs to Hideya Tsuji of Tokyo, Japan. The bike started it's life out as a rare 1994 SP model in Rothmans colors but that eventually changed....
This upper cowl is the new RS replica upper from Corin in Tokyo. Looking closely at the upper cowl you can see it is quite different than the normal upper cowl. The headlight shines through where the ram air duct would be normally ! As you can tell Hideya is a big fan of GP racing and he decided to renew the image of his bike with an all new appearance !! Click for full sized image - 63K
Click for larger image - 70K

The colors of this bike are based on Tohru Ukawa's 250 GP machine in the Shell Advance colors. The owner did all the painting himself and painstakingly applied all the graphics too which were also hand made and cut out using a hobby knife.

The bike has many extras as you can see. The expansion chamber kit is from Harc - Pro. They are the SP - 2 type with aluminum silencers. The rear sprocket is from Afram and the chain is a heavy duty RK unit. These tires are the Dunlop Ridden GPR 80 type sport series. Check out how the tires have been used right to the edges !! Click for more - 51K
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Other additions to the bike are a fully tuned up engine which includes all kinds of HRC racing parts such as a carb setting kit, center plug cylinder head kit with extended radiator hose, HRC card for de-restricting the bike and a modified airbox. The back step kit is from Coerce Racing. A steering damper kit was added. Braking has been improved with sport pads and Earls stainless mesh brake lines all around while the front fender is from Silhouette Japan.

This is the view you would see if you were driving this bike. The RS replica upper cowl has an interesting shape to it which resembles a V. The screen is from Magical Racing and is the stepped type which offers better aero dynamics plus it looks really cool !! Click for larger image - 39K
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Hideya worked on the bike everyday bit by bit until it was complete. It took about three months to finish this project bike. The original SP wheels were white so he had them repainted in black and he added smaller clear turn signals for the front.

This is in my opinion the greatest seat cowl made for the NSR 250. It's from Azuma FRP in Tokyo and it's based on the RS racers design with improved aero dynamics and looks. Hideya also painted the seat and applied the decals by himself. Click for full size - 55K
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One of Hideya's hobbies is building plastic models which he is quite good at. It shows in his work with the bike. Only the scale was larger. I think he did an excellent job with his NSR and if you like you can check out his homepage, HIDEYA WORLD for more about this bike, his other bikes, his cute baby and everything you will need to know about him. Only one problem, it's all written in Japanese. Hopefully someday in the future we will be able to see his page in English. Thanks Tsuji !!

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