November 2002

98K - Click for full size image November 2002 Bike of the Month belongs to my friend Keita from Japan. He recently purchased this bike for a sweet deal.
This NSR started off as a 1990 MC21 standard model with non-adjustable suspension and standard wet type clutch motor. The original blue/yellow bodywork was trashed, so Keita called up Silhouette Japan for a solution to this problem. 99K - Click for full size image
106K - Click for full size image They provided a full fiberglass kit modeled after the NSR500 custom painted in a variation of the 1995 HRC 250 SP colors that are actually based on the 1997-98 model NSR 50 mini bike colors. This was a popular color in Japan that never went into production for the 250 model. So Silhouette Japan went ahead and made their own.
The front cowling ( upper and lower ) is a two piece unit with nonfunctional carbon fiber air ducts and a removable head light cover that can be attached or removed easily for cleaner and racier looks that closely resembles a NSR 500. Click here for a close up shot of the carbon ducts and the headlight. 69K - Click for full size image
88K - Click for full size image The rear seat is also a matching NSR500 type from Silhouette. It is a one piece seat with no opening for the small storage compartment, inconvenient but saves major weight and looks cool. The gas tank was painted by Silhouette Japan to match the rest of the bodywork.
While Keita was waiting on the bodywork to arrive from Silhouette. He had the engine rebuilt by a local racing shop who specializes in two strokes. A new crank was ordered along with new cylinders, pistons, rings and every little part needed for a complete rebuild. HRC reeds, stuffers, spacers and a center mounted head kit were installed. Daytona turbo filter utilizing a slightly modified airbox with HRC/Jha carb setting parts help out too along with Jha heavy duty clutch springs. 96K - Click for full size image
86K - Click for full size image A super cheap but slightly rusted set of Jha Over-rev pipes were found at a local swap meet along with a M-Max de-restrictor box for a fully derestricted NSR. The front forks were swapped in from a SE model after being rebuilt, the standard R shock was retained. Brakes were improved with HRC brake lines, Active Floating disc pin conversion kit and carbon brake pads. Afam rear sprocket and RK chain spin the rear wheel.
Keita has owned this bike for just over a month and has many more plans which include new tires that he really needs, new wind screen, mirrors, TSR rear sets and a Toby steering damper. He seems to be having a lot of fun gathering all kinds of used parts from various swap meets all over the place. 92K - Click for full size image
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