November 2003

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The November 2003 Bike of the Month belongs to Steve Cocking from California State in the USA with this unbelievable 1988 MC18 Rothmans replica.
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Steve's NSR250 started out as a regular type MC18 model. He purchased it in 1993 from a motorcycle shop in Texas. It was drab and boring with some miss-matched body work on it. (Click here to see a picture of it from before - 69K) Steve raced it a few times, but it mostly sat in the garage. Although registered for the street in California, he did not like how the bike looked cosmetically. He thought of selling the bike many times, but his wife would not let him do it (Cool Wife!!). That is when Steve discovered Jamie's NSR Homepage and the link to Tyga.
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The transformation into this amazing NSR began a year ago when Steve's wife convinced him to sell his rarely driven Chevy Suburban and turn that money into redoing the NSR. (What a Wife!) A full bodywork kit was ordered from Tyga, including the Sparks upper, lower, gas tank and Tyga tail.
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Also a stock seat with it's seems plastic welded together was ordered too, all beautifully painted in the glorious Rothmans Honda racing colors. While parts were on order, Steve was busy working on other things. This NSR was completely disassembled right down to the frame. The frame, swingarm, lower fork tubes and triples were polished by Steve to an absolute beautiful mirror finish. All worn, damaged or rusty nuts, bolts and other small parts were replaced.
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Tyga helped out with a whole bunch of parts such as a larger MC21 radiator, MC21 17inch Magtek wheels front and rear professionally powder coated gold, rebuilt front forks from a SE model MC21 work nicely and are more adjustable than the older MC18 forks. Steve polished the Tyga pipes himself to match the rest of the bike.
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While the engine was out of the bike it was pulled apart and rebuilt along with matched ports. The carbs were rebuilt and rejetted to perfectly match the new Tyga Performance MC18 stainless steel pipes with carbon kevlar silencers for full power. With more power comes the need for improved brakes, so a nice set of discs were found, converted to full floaters with a floating button kit that are squeezed by Brembo calipers with sport pads and custom adapters using Earls steel braided brake lines all around. Michelin Pilot H2 race tires fitted to the Magnesium wheels keep this NSR firmly planted to the ground.
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71K - Click for full size image Cockpit view shows the custom made carbon fiber dash panel, Tyga screen and upper cowl stay. Lockhart-Phillips supplied the carbon fiber clip ons, preload quick adjusters, carbon mirrors, mesh see-through head light kit and carbon inlay for the brake reservoir cap.
Coerce rear sets from Japan were ordered and installed, new sprockets and a gold chain were picked up locally. Future plans will see suspension improvements and this showroom condition NSR will be let loose on the streets of California and used for occasional track day events. Steve really wants to thank Matt and Paul at Tyga Performance, Kinney Jones for his help with the photo studio shoot and of course his cool wife. 87K - Click for full size image

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