November 2004

59K - Click for full size image The November 2004 Bike of the Month belongs to Laura Perry from the United States.
Laura bought this NSR a few years ago for racing. The bike use to be a street model but was converted to full race use. 66K - Click for full size image
37K - Click for full size image New upper and lower fiberglass race fairing from AirTech and a Tyga seat replaced the worn out and cracked bodywork. A new screen was added as well. The paint work is very nice, simple yet striking and really looks great on this NSR. The design comes from the earlier 88 NSR MC18 and MC16 models. Laura and his friend did all the painting, bodywork and applied some decals.
This NSR was derestricted with a KISS black box and Millennium edition Dog Fight R race pipes. The airbox was retained and unmodified and uses a UNI foam filter. Carbs were rejetted and Laura had the bike dynoed for an honest 60 horsepower. 30K - Click for full size image
61K - Click for full size image Laura's NSR is a SE model so it was fitted with adjustable suspension front and rear. The front forks and rear shock were overhauled to meet his class regulations. A NHK steering damper was added as well, plus lightweight aluminum clip ons replaced the heavy steel ones.
Laura is very happy with his NSR and though he could build it up even more with ultra trick parts he decided not to as this would change his race class and he would have to compete against much larger bikes with riders who have deeper pockets and newer bikes with the latest technology. Laura is happy with his NSR the way it is. 60K - Click for full size image
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