63K - Click for full size October 2001 Bike of the Month belongs to Christopher Woods from Sweden. He rides one very clean and rare 1990 NSR 250R SP in the original Cabin Racing colors.
Christopher's NSR was originally imported into Sweden by Honda with 30 other NSR 250R SP bikes for a new road racing class called SUPERSTREET. All of the bikes arrived with the full HRC power kits and were not to be registered as street bikes. 78K - Click for full size
73K - Click for full size But Honda Sweden was having trouble selling these bikes after bringing them into Sweden. Over half of the bikes were still unsold and Honda wanted to make room for other bikes, so the remaining NSR 250 machines were converted to road legal bikes and registered !!
Most of the 30 imported NSR bikes were eventually raced, therefor Chris has a very rare machine since his bike is street ridden and in perfect condition. Chris takes great pride in his bike and no doubt has the cleanest NSR 250 in all of Sweden. 51K - Click for full size
52K - Click for full size Since Chris works as a professional automobile painter, he has taken extreme care of the paint on this bike, actually the whole bike was repainted to the highest standards and massive amounts of clear were applied which makes waxing the bike a breeze.
Christopher's NSR had the full HRC kit previously installed by Honda Sweden, so it was making pretty good power, but he needed more, so EBOS tuning, a top two stroke tuner in Sweden helped out with a rebuild and stage four tuning. The HRC pipes on his bike were chrome finished for looks and durability. The bike was dyno checked a few times and makes 65 to 68 horsepower depending on the weather conditions. 65K - Click for full size
79K - Click for full size The bike was totally restored to perfection and the suspension was rebuilt along with a OHLINS rear shock which Christopher said makes a big improvement for racing. Metzler performance tires and sport brake pads help out too.
Chris was a very active racer from 1987 to 1991 and will make a comeback in 2002, there are plans for more power and other upgrades. Chris has a SP rear shock for sale in great condition and is also looking for a spare used NSR 250 gas tank. E-mail him for more information. Great bike !! 62K - Click for full size
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