October 2003

43K - Click for full size image The October 2003 Bike of the Month belongs to a Japanese NSR rider named Caramel Takei. He is from Osaka, Japan and has one cool looking NSR.
Caramel's NSR started off as a 1990 NSR250R model with the regular wet clutch and non adjustable suspension. One day he was lucky enough to find a MC28 SP model being parted out and he decided to buy the complete engine with dry clutch and rear adjustable suspension. 49K - Click for full size image
43K - Click for full size image The MC28 engine was installed into the MC21 frame using the stock MC21 wire harness with a M-Max derestrictor box wired in. Exhaust and the final part of derestriction are handled by Jha with their SP race set up utilizing carbon fiber silencers.
When you look at this NSR, the first thing you notice is the bodywork and paint. What exactly is it? This is the Jha RS Force full body kit. This is the race version that should not be confused with the ST (Street Version). Caramel added a fog light from a car that blends in rather nicely and provides enough lighting for night time use. The stepped type screen is also part of the RS Force cowling kit and really gives the bike a authentic GP look. 31K - Click for full size image
25K - Click for full size image The rear seat is a two piece unit, inner piece is carbon fiber, while the outer piece is fiberglass. Jha provided the rear seat/subframe kit that makes installing the rear seat a breeze along with a small weight savings and much cleaner looks.
After all the bodywork was settled, Caramel decided to paint his NSR in the latest 2003 Telefonica Movistar colors in memory of Daijiro Katoh. Caramel took care of the paintwork and custom decal work himself. He has done a great job !! 58K - Click for full size image
56K - Click for full size image Other little goodies are the carbon fiber mirrors, Tyga upper cowl stay, NHK steering damper and LED side marker lights borrowed from a 2003 VW Beetle that now serve as his turn signals. A matching LED stop lamp was installed as well. Caramel has built one beautiful NSR. Click here to find out more about Caramel and his website.
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