84K - Click for full size image The September 2001 Bike of the Month belongs to Syimphia Vue of California.
Syimphia is the proud owner of this very nice 1996 NSR 250. He originally bought the bike from Matt and Paul at Tyga Performance. He ordered his NSR in the Shell Advance colors, but later on changed the bike to the latest MoviStar Fortuna colors. All of the bodywork on the bike is from Tyga Performance and is made of reinforced lightweight fiberglass. 57K - Click for full size image
75K - Click for full size Syimphia originally used his NSR as a street machine, but eventually converted it over to a full out race bike. He retained the Shell Advance bodywork for street driving should he decide someday he wants to ride on public roads again.
Paintwork is based on the latest 2001 Movistar colors and the owner did all the painting himself. Syimphia just happens to be in the custom sticker and decal business. 71K - Click for full size
89K - Click for full size After painting the bike to perfection, Syimphia cut and applied the custom stickers made by his company, GP Station.
When the bike was special ordered from Tyga Performance, the engine for this very special NSR was rebuilt to race specs but built for durability along with a close ratio gearbox. The bike was fully derestricted with a HRC 010 card, HRC loom and Tyga Performance's race pipes with aluminum silencers. 68K - Click for full size
86K - Click for full size image With a fast bike, effective brakes are necessary. A Brembo radial pump GP race master cylinder replaces the factory unit. Tyga Performance stainless mesh brake lines and sport pads finish it off. A steering damper from Ohlins and Michelin Pilot Soft race tires give maximum grip for track events.
With the HRC card installed, you lose your speedometer. Syimphia fit a digital speedo from Sigma Sport. Originally designed for bicycles, it works just fine for occasional street riding. 62K - Click for full size
87K - Click for full size GP Station specializes in custom stickers and decals, as well as making patches, hats, T-shirts and more. Syimphia and the crew at GP Station would be glad to help you out with all your custom decal needs.
Syimphia had his NSR dyno tested recently and the results showed 65 horse power. When he is not racing or in the office he can be found in the local canyons harassing much more larger and supposedly faster bikes with his NSR 250. 77K - Click for full size
Contact Tyga Performance for all your NSR performance needs from new and used parts to complete machines, stainless steel expansion chambers, rear sets, custom bodywork and just too much to mention here. GP Station specializes in custom graphics, decals, stickers, accessories and more. They are always interested in making new and exciting custom decals and more. Contact them for more information.
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