September 2002

83K - Click for full size image The September 2002 Bike of the Month comes from Columbus, Georgia of the United States.
Chris Smith is the proud owner of this rebuilt and reworked MC21 model NSR 250. He bought the NSR early this year from MotoMorphic in California and had the bike shipped to him. It arrived in good condition and had been resprayed in 1995 HRC SP colors. 94K - Click for full size image
63K - Click for full size image Although the MC21 bodywork resprayed in the later MC28 SP colors was in good shape, Chris felt it was necessary for an all new look and to update the older style bodywork. So Tyga Performance was contacted and Matt and Paul recommended their latest performance goodies.
The upper cowl is the familiar Tyga Eyes upper and Tyga light kit. Tyga lowers and the new Tyga GP500 seat which has no rear vent like the past Tyga seat. A new screen and a tank were also ordered and custom painted to match the rest of the new bodywork in Daijiro Katoh 2001 GP250 championship colors. 90K - Click for full size image
98K - Click for full size image While Chris was waiting for the new bodywork to arrive he cleaned up and refreshened the bike a little, the mirrors and wheels were resprayed, new smaller turn signals, Tyga GP fender, new alloy sprockets, D.I.D chain and Michelin Pilot Sport tires.
Tyga also came to the rescue with their latest edition of their MC21 racing expansion chamber set. The GP type pipes are made of stainless steel and use lightweight carbon fiber silencers. 97K - Click for full size image
61K - Click for full size image Other performance modification were a Jha full carb setting kit, M-Max derestrictor box and a Daytona Turbo Filter fitted to the slightly modified stock airbox. Chris had a big smile on his face and spent many weekends enjoying his new NSR around some of the local twisty areas. Tyga rear sets keep his feet away from the pavement. Brakes are improved with sport pads and are more than adequate.

A close up of the new carbon silencers. Chris was very pleased with the quality. No more rust, major weight savings and more power. What more could a NSR rider ask for ?

Maybe another NSR

95K - Click for full size image
81K - Click for full size image Chris is really happy with the NSR and has one more final plan which will involve rebuilding the front forks and fitting a rear Penske shock. Watch out for Chris if you happen to be in his part of town.
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