September 2003

72K - Click for full size image The September 2003 Bike of the Month belongs to Mr. Takayuki from Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.
Mr. Takayuki's NSR started life as a 1988 NSR250R model. Yes, that is right!! A 1988 MC18 model. His bike has been modified extensively with all work done by the owner himself. 86K - Click for full size image
76K - Click for full size image First step was completely pulling the bike apart right down to the frame and every last little bolt. The frame was polished to a beautiful mirror finish. A complete PROARM rear end from a late model MC28 was located and custom fit to the MC18 frame with minor modifications and a custom bracket. The rear shock is from a 1988 NSR250-RK and was rebuilt for fast riding.
The front end was also swapped in favor for an inverted set up from a Honda RVF400. This required some work and was also handled by the owner. The larger front discs (296mm) and Nissin calipers are also from the RVF400 while the front wheel is a 16 inch wheel from a VFR750. 34K - Click for full size image
82K - Click for full size image A view of the cockpit and looking down at the RVF400 inverted forks. A digital after market car speedometer from Ultra was installed and custom wired to work on this MC18. A steering damper from NHK helps out too.
Now with the bodywork. A complete MC21 rear seat/ subframe was installed with modified brackets and mounts. A custom battery box was made up and the license plate was relocated under the seat for a nice clean look. A one piece stock type fiberglass MC21 seat finishes it off. The front race fairings are from a MC28 and also required lots of patience and hard work to fit as well. A smaller head light was fitted, new clear screen from Battle Factory and a single mini mirror give the bike much cleaner looks. The gas tank is the stock MC18 unit. After all the bodywork was fitted, the owner then painted it in a two-tone blue metallic and black color scheme with custom checkered flag decals beautifully clear coated for a very cool and distinctive look. 33K - Click for full size image
82K - Click for full size image The heart of any bike is the engine and this engine was not to be overlooked. A MC21 SP engine with a dry clutch was found for a nice price, then fully disassembled and rebuilt. New cylinders that were ported slightly, modified RC valves, modified crank case and crank shaft, and lightened MC21 flywheel.
This NSR is derestricted with a HRC box fitted to a PGMIII unit and modified stock harness. MC21 carbs were installed too along with a HRC carb box, HRC carb setting kit, HRC reed valves, spacers and stuffers. Exhaust is handled by MC28 Jha SP pipes for some serious power. 78K - Click for full size image
76K - Click for full size image His NSR is also fitted with a HRC 3-core radiator kit, RS250 ignition coil kit, NGK plugs, Jha heavy duty clutch springs, stainless steel brake lines front and rear, AFAM sprockets and Coerce MC18 rear sets for one very nice NSR !! More about Takayuki and his NSR's can be found at his NSR website called "Yappa NSR250 Deshou"
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