September 2004

78K - Click for full size image The September 2004 Bike of the Month belongs to Jack from California, USA
Jack has owned several sport bikes and been a big fan of GP racing. He became interested in the NSR after surfing the Internet and found out about the NSR250R street model. 105K - Click for full size image
97K - Click for full size image Jack who lives in California had never seen one in person and really wanted one bad. He searched all over for about one year and finally found one. A nice MC28 SE model in excellent condition that came with a street title for California where he lived. Jack bought the bike up right away.
The previous owner of this bike was also a NSR lover and kept the bike in great shape. It was modified with a full TYGA-PERFORMANCE body kit which included the Tyga tail, the Tyga eyes upper, lowers and GP fender. Tyga took care of the custom paint which is based on the older championship Rossi Nastro colors. 57K - Click for full size image
54K - Click for full size image The previous owner also added some Tyga stainless high performance pipes with carbon kevlar silencers for big gains in power while saving weight and giving the bike a GP look. After Jack purchased the bike he added some new stickers and refinished the clear coat and polished up this amazing NSR to an absolutely beautiful finish.
Jack decided to make some modifications himself. He upgraded the brakes of the bike with a new Brembo Radial pump master cylinder which he made a custom one-off stay for. The calipers were swapped for the newer gold colored NISSIN calipers from a late model CBR600RR gripping stock disc rotors while the brake lines were replaced with new Rockstop stainless lines for a complete brake upgrade. 116K - Click for full size image
106K - Click for full size image Jack still had some other plans for the bike, he wanted to upgrade the suspension so he decided to rebuild the front forks, a NHK steering damper was added and Tyga rear sets fitted for for a sportier ride and great looks. High performance Metzeler Sportec M1 tires help out too for loads of grip.
A custom stay was made up to fit a digital bicycle speedometer which is needed after the HRC 030 card is added. Rebuilt and rejet carbs fitted to a modified airbox with HRC reeds, spacers and stuffers add some extra power and improve engine response. Mini turn signals signals clean up the bike. Clip ons from Woodcraft save a few pounds and a billet Vortex gas cap adds a nice final touch. 65K - Click for full size image
89K - Click for full size image Jack has owned several sport bikes and none of them have attracted more attention than this NSR. In fact his bike looks so good it was featured in a photo shoot with the January 2003 Penthouse Pet Martina Warren. Wow!!!!!
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