Contest Closed, try again next year !!

Welcome to the First Annual NSR Coloring Contest. I thought it would be fun for NSR fans who always wanted to design their own original colored NSR. Now is your chance. All you have to do is color the above image with your own cool design. Please try to be as creative and unique as possible.

Copy and save the above image. Use a paint program such as Photoshop or Windows paint or something like that or just print it out and color it the old fashion way using your hands and colored pencils or what ever you like. After that scan the image and send it to me but try to keep the size down if possible ( under 200K )

The contest deadline for entries is December 5, 2000. Winners will be contacted by e-mail so please include it with your picture as well as your name and any other information you would like to share such as your location and age ( optional of course )

Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place. Sorry the prizes aren't anything fancy like a million dollars or a new NSR.

1st Place : The lucky winner will win a set of original NSR pamphlet catalogs for the NSR 250 ( MC21 model, MC28 model and NSR 50 model ). The catalogs are the original Japanese catalogs in full color with awesome pictures, specs and all kinds of info about the bikes, now out of print and surely to become a collectors item !!!

2nd Place : The second place winner will receive his or her choice of one of the pamphlet catalogs ( NSR 250 MC21, MC 28 or NSR 50 )

3rd Place : The third place winner will receive NSR stickers to do what ever you like with, stick them on your bike, helmet, books or where ever you want to.

Please note : I will put up all images of people's pictures who enter the contest. The first place winner will get a special prize to be determined later. Good luck everyone and let the coloring begin !!!

Below are some of the entries I already received !! Think you can do better ?
Then send them in to me before the deadline December 5th, 2000 !! Good luck !

Click for larger image - 50K Click for larger image - 17K Click for larger image - 15K
Karen, Australia
Ando, Tokyo, Japan
Miyuki, Japan
Click for full size - 20K Click for full more - 20K Click for full size - 21K
Majeros, Czech Reb.
Czech Reb.
Czech Reb.
Click for full size - 28K Click for more - 25K Click for larger image - 39K
Julie, England
Philip, Scotland
Kraig, USA
Click for larger image - 18K Click for full size - 33K Click for full size image - 29K
Takamatsu, Japan
Han, Netherlands
Jose, Netherlands
Click for larger image - 23K Click for more - 29K Click for more - 32K
Jacques, South Africa
Jana, South Africa
Buddy, England
Click for larger image - 23K Click for full size - 24K
Majeros, Czech Reb.
Rudolf, Czech Reb.
Mitch, Canada
Click for full size - 46K Click for full size image - 34K Click for full size - 35K
David, USA
Woerts, Netherlands
Anjel, USA
Click for full size - 40K
Majeros, Czech Reb.

Judging : to be determined later by myself and at least five other NSR riders !!!
Probably six to ten different judges will participate. Your comments are also welcome !!