3rd Annual NSR Coloring Contest Winners

The winners of the Third Annual NSR Coloring Contest have finally been decided. Congratualations to Tosh Janash of Australia with his great design. He gets first pick of the prizes below. Second prize pick goes to Steve Lau from Canada and third prize is awarded to Mark Mendoza of the Philippines. Congratulations to everyone. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to enter with your great designs. Thank you everyone !! See you again next year !!

1st Place
58K - Click for full size image
Tosh Janash, Australia
31 votes
2nd Place
73K - Steve Lau
Steve Lau, Canada
24 votes
3rd Place
Mark Mendoza - 73K
Mark Mendoza, Philippines
11 votes

Thank you to the other entries

82K - Click for full size image 70K - Click for full size image Giannis - 65K
Marbsy, Australia 4th
Del, USA 5th
Giannis Ragias 6th
50K - Click for full size image 28K - Click for full size image 81K - Click for full size image
Yama, Japan
Kraig Cuddeford, USA
Carrington Wei, Canada
57K - Dariush 81K - Jacques Jeff - 70K Click for full size image
Jacques, South Africa
Jeff, USA
Giannis - 76K Karl Wells - 51K Marbsy - 95K
Giannis Ragias, ???
Karl Wells, UK
Marbsy, Australia
Jana - 77K 107K - Click for full size image 39K - Click for full size image
Jana, South Africa
Marbsy, Australia
Michael Galteri, Australia

The prizes ......

1st Prize
First place prize - 37K The first place winner will receive this Tamiya plastic model kit of a Cup Noodle sponsored NSR250 racer. This model kit is now out of production and no longer available. Collectors item !!
2nd Prize
Second place prize - 38K

MC28 NSR250R SE Collectors Pin. This is the only pin I have ever seen of the NSR. Very rare and interesting. The second place winner will be awarded this prize.

3rd Prize
Third place prize - 28K The third place award will receive this very cool and very small MC21 Choro Miniature toy bike. Very cute, interesting and actually fun to play with.