and other little stuff

NEW 194K - Click for full size image A special edition 2 stroke book complete with a full length DVD featuring the NSR as well as other cool two stroke motorcycles from Japan. Most of the book and DVD are dedicated to the NSR with history and interviews and showing custom rides and historic pictures. The DVD is excellent !! Contains several different chapters with former NSR riders and racers and cool NSR stories and videos. The book contains 75 pages in full color. Book and DVD are entirely in Japanese but still fun to watch and a must for any fan or collector. DVD designed for Japanese market and may or may not work in your region and player. Also featured are RZV and RGV bikes as well in the DVD and book with much more. More sample pictures here 1, 2 These are sold in very limited numbers and I have just a few available.
49 US Dollars plus shipping cost
Click for more about custom MC21 meter set - 42K Finally a complete set of custom meter faceplates for your MC21 NSR. Fits all MC21 models. Speedometer reads up to 220Km/H and is beautifully done in white with easy to read markings. Tachometer includes a cool HRC and NSR RACING logo along with a matching temperature gauge for a complete package. Handmade in JAPAN!
SPECIAL : $99 dollars for the 3 piece set plus a small shipping charge
75K - Click for full size image Rear brake hose/chain guard eliminator kit for the MC28. Replace your old chain guard with this lightweight and polished aluminum kit for better and cleaner looks. Includes all parts for a simple installation. Can be used with or without after market rear hugger fenders.
MC28 ----- 69 US Dollars
67K - Click for full size image
181K - Click for full size image This is the coolest tank protector I have ever seen for the NSR! Its made fully out of carbon fiber and the quality is just incredible. Easy to install with the provided kit. A great way to dress up your bike a bit or cover a scratched tank. Click here for a picture of the carbon fiber protector on a MC21 NSR. Available for both MC21 and 28 models. Other gray market bikes available as well. Made in Japan!!
MC21 Carbon fiber ----- 85 US Dollars plus shipping
MC28 Carbon fiber ----- 85
94K - Click for full size image

Finally high quality custom made tachometer faceplates available for your MC21 or MC28. Five types are available (click on each link for close up). Easy to install and hand made in Japan.
A type: HRC Racing in Black
B type: HRC Racing in Red
C type: Repsol colors
D type: Rothmans Racing in Black
E type: Rothmans Racing in Blue

43 dollars EACH plus small shipping charge

197K - Click for full size image The ultimate NSR250 book in the world. This was published in very limited amounts here in Japan. Soft cover with very high quality printing and color pictures. Contains 191 pages, most of them in full color. Full details, specs, history and pictures of all models. Interviews with the NSR engineers and designers from Honda, custom NSR machines from Japan, a step by step guide service manual with clear black and white pictures from chain adjusting to rebuilding your gearbox (57 pages in total), custom NSR parts, NSR tuning shops, NSR catalogs and way more. The must have book for the NSR collector. Absolutely incredible but unfortunately all in Japanese but still wonderful to look at. More sample pictures here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, a bit pricey but worth it for your collection.
78 US Dollars plus shipping cost
15K - Click for full size image Tired of your old looking and worn out stem nut? Why not replace it with this beautiful CNC machined lightweight alloy stem nut. It is available in three different colors (Silver, Black or Gold) and will fit all MC18, MC21 and MC28 model NSR250 bikes.
MC18 ----- 29 US Dollars plus small shipping charge
MC21 ----- 29
MC28 ----- 29
41K - Click for full size image Antlion billet clutch levers for your NSR250. The finest around. Laser cut from A5052 aluminum for incredible lightness yet very strong. Choice of 3 colors pictured from left to right (Silver, Titan Blue and Gold) Fits all models of NSR250.
85 US Dollars plus shipping cost
32K - Click for full size image Lightweight billet aluminum brake fluid reservoir tank cap. Replace your old cap with one of these cool and colorful caps. Choice of eight colors, #1:blue, #2:red, #3:Silver, #4:gold, #5:purple, #6:chrome black, #7:titan gray, #8: Champaign. Fits all models of NSR with the stock Nissin master cylinder. Includes a sporty sticker emblem which is your choice if you want to apply it. Two stainless bolts also included (not pictured)
39 US Dollars plus shipping
26K - Click for full size image Billet Master cylinder stay. Made of lightweight aluminum. Very light compared to stock stay. Choice of five colors, gold, silver, purple, red and blue. Direct bolt on, looks great and includes two stainless hex bolts for a simple installation.
MC18 ----- 28 US Dollars plus shipping
MC21 ----- 28
MC28 ----- 28
34K - Click for full size image A custom braided brake hose for your NSR250. Replaces your old hose from the reservoir to your master cylinder. Blue, red, purple or blue/red combo fittings.
All NSR models ----- 49 Dollars
30K - Click for full size image
15K - Click for full size image Broken or missing temperature gauge? How about this water resistant E.L. illuminated digital temperature gauge for your NSR? No more guessing. Simple installation and easy to read large numbers. Also features a handy digital clock.
All models ----- 108 US Dollars plus small shipping charge

All prices in US Dollars, shipping is extra