For Sale !! Jamie's NSR MC28 Rothmans For Sale !!

Click for even bigger picture, yes my bike is really for sale

Asking $15,500 US Dollars

Well, I thought this day would never come but it has. I have decided to sell my beautiful NSR 250. I have owned this bike since 1995 and it has always been pampered, polished and perfectly maintained in every way possible. I believe my NSR to be the most ultimate and trick MC28 in the world. Thousands and thousands of dollars spent on it to make it the way it is now. The price is high for this bike, but it would cost you a lot more to build the same bike. Included with the bike are many spares, goodies and extras. I can ship the bike world wide to you. Contact me here for my Email if you are serious and I can try to answer any questions you may have. Please scroll down for more picture, details and information about my NSR. Thank you.
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89K- Click for full size image FRONT SUSPENSION: One of the first things you notice are the custom Honda RS250 suspension and brakes. I had the forks disassembled and rebuilt by Japan's top suspension tuner here. They polished the inner tubes and Ti-nitrate coated them, all parts replaced and an ME tuning kit installed along with one-off made springs to work for the NSR with the RS racing suspension. The suspension was than tuned and adjusted for sport riding and fits the NSR perfectly, this is an incredible suspension set up. Upper and lower clamps were also fully polished. The outer tubes were polished and KASHIMA coated. The cost to do just the brakes and front suspension was nearly $9,000 dollars. 110K - Click for full size image
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107K - Click for full size image FRONT CALIPERS: You can never have too much brakes. These are Brembo Billet GP racing calipers. They were designed just for the Japanese market here and were built in very limited amounts (I believe just 100 sets) The calipers feature full titanium pistons, titanium through bolts and titanium quick release pad retainers. Available exclusively in Japan specially made by Brembo Japan using Titanium parts with the Italian made Brembo billet race body. These were my dream calipers when I bought them and they bolt on to the RS250 front suspension and provide unbelievable braking power (believe me) 46K- Click for full size image
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90K - Click for full size image BRAKES: Front brake discs are BRAKING Wave disc rotors, sized 296mm!! Larger than stock NSR discs as well as lighter. They feature a high carbon content stainless steel outer disc with light alloy inner. The master cylinder is a Brembo race spec radial master and I converted it to street use with a switch for the brake lights and run Earls stainless brake lines. 14K - Click for full size image
66K - Click for full size image REAR SUSPENSION: Custom made PENSKE racing shock, installed, properly set up and tuned by Japans top suspension tuning shop (SKUDERIA OKUMURA) fully adjustable to suit your needs. This shock is just incredible. 31K - Click for full size image
Click for full size image Also included with my NSR is a BRAND NEW WP steering damper, the picture on the left shows the old damper with the stock suspension. I had it replaced with a brand new one and have not installed it yet, but will install for you when I ship the bike. Its the latest WP twin tube nitrogen gas type and goes for around $ 600 dollars. I will have it installed and set up for you with titanium bolts and alloy bracket holder. The clip ons for my NSR are made of real dry carbon fiber with billet alloy holders and of course titanium bolts. This is the ultimate set up. 69K - Click for full size image
111K - Click for more EXHAUST: Exhaust is handled by JHA RS304 race pipes (now no longer available) with their last run of racing pipes for the MC28 line up. These were made of stainless steel with real titanium silencers and were the ultimate set up money could buy. Mine were perfectly polished by myself to a beautiful mirror finish. The increase in power is just out of this world. A perfect set of JHA pipes to go along with this bike. 61K - Click for full size image
ENGINE: I had the top end of the engine rebuilt around the end of 2006 and the bike has not been ridden much since that. Basically the engine is pretty much stock with the exception of the JHA RS exhaust. On top of that, I am including a bunch of BRAND NEW spares for you to do with as you like. I had the bike dyno power checked here in Japan and it was putting out a healthy 60 HP without the extra bolt on goodies and stock card. I am also including many spares and bolt on parts with the bike, see more details below. Click for full size
Click for full size image - 60K The rear sets come from TSR Japan, they are 4 position adjustable rear sets made out of duralmin alloy. These were the best rear sets available back in the days when NSR's were plentiful. The wind screen is a one-off custom made prototype screen from a major Japanese brand here. My bike was used as the test dummy but unfortunately the screen didn't make it to production. Its still in good shape but has some fading. The mirrors are real carbon fiber units with a German made high quality lens and billet alloy fully adjustable stays. 82K - Click for full size image
45K - Click for more BODYWORK: All bodywork on this NSR is stock OEM SP Rothmans bodywork from Honda. The upper fairing and lowering fairing (both sides) were replaced about 3 years ago with brand new stock OEM bodywork. Only the seat is non-stock and comes from Tyga. The paint has slightly cracked a bit on the left hand seat side and is not really that noticeable, but I want the bike to look its best when and if I hand it over to a new owner so I am going to include a BRAND NEW Tyga GP kit already custom painted in perfectly matching Rothmans colors and also including the aluminum seat sub frame kit, LED rear brake light and all parts in the kit, all BRAND NEW and never installed. Other than the minor paint cracking on the TYGA seat the stock OEM bodywork is truly mint and perfect and has no damage what so ever. See below for pictures of the TYGA GP seat included with the sale of this bike.

Other parts and modifications

1) A custom made one-off aluminum upper fairing stay, half the weight of stock and perfectly fits the RS250 forks
2) A custom made and billet blue anodized ANTLION quarter turn throttle kit
3) Billet alloy preload quick adjusters in blue
4) DID heavy duty GOLD chain
5) Afam front and rear sprockets
6) Rear steel braided line
7) Dunlop GPR70SP sport tires (stock sizes)
8) Carbon Fiber rear hugger/fender
9) Magtek Magnesium wheels front and rear custom powder coated in gold with clear coat

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JHA speedo meter plate and carbon type panel from JHA Billet Antlion clutch lever and aluminum adjustable clutch adjuster . Brand new WP steering damper included but not pictured Also included with the bike is this very cool one-touch maintenance stand ($350 dollar value) in like new condition.
25K - Click for full size image 58K - Click for full size image 55K - Click for more
Many bolts on the bike have been replaced with specially made titanium bolts as pictured above. Also included with the spares are TWO (2) BRAND NEW HRC 030 cards plus spare stock cards. HRC 030 cards are no longer available in Japan. A brand new perfectly match painted and custom TYGA GP seat with kit. Also included but not pictured is the rest of the seat kit including aluminum seat frame, LED brake light and battery kit.

Spares and Extras

Brand new spare parts I am also including with the sale of this bike include... (value of $2,824 US Dollars)

1) A brand new TYGA GP seat kit, custom match painted to Rothmans colors, includes all parts and hard wear (value $600)
2) A brand new RS250 Ignition kit coil set, never installed (value $ 200)
3) A brand new and complete JHA MC28 full carb tuning kit, now no longer available (value $250)
4) A brand new set of HRC reeds (value $45)
5) A brand new set of HRC reed stuffers (value $40)
6) A brand new set of HRC reed spacers (value $30)
7) A brand new and complete JHA/HRC center plug rear cylinder conversion kit with correct parts and all hoses and gaskets (value $250)
8) A brand new set of piston rings (value $45)
9) A brand new rear brake pad set, DAYTONA red race pads (value $60)
10) A brand new Daytona Turbo filter in unopened box (value $39)
11) A brand new WP twin tube nitrogen steering damper, new in box (value $600)
12) A brand new HRC RS250 "Shortie" plug cap, needed for the HRC center plug conversion kit (value $60)
13) Three (3) brand new RS250 short plugs to fit the "Shortie" plug cap for use with the center plug kit ($165)
14) A pair of BRAND NEW HRC 030 cards, never been used and correct numbers for this NSR, also not available anymore (value $440)

Extras I am also including with the sale of this bike include... (value of $565 US Dollars)

1) A like new one touch maintenance race stand from Battle Factory, made of stainless steel. (Value of about $ 350)
2) A used by very good condition heavy duty cover that is suitable for outdoor or indoor use, fire and water proof ($140Value)
3) A used but in great condition "GODZILLA" heavy duty lock that is practically impossible to cut or break (value $75)

Bonus goodies I am also including with the bike...

1) My own personal collection of Japanese motorcycle magazines and books from the 90's till present, about two large boxes full of them.
2) A Nankai racing Honda NSR500 world championship racing sweatshirt (brand new, never unopened)
3) A NSR500 plastic model kit in Rothmans Honda racing colors
4) Various CD-R, DVD's and other small items here
5) A complete service manual (in Japanese) on CD-Rom
6) Various catalogs, pamphlets and brochures
7) More things to be included as I dig them out of storage and find them

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Please contact me here

jamie "at"

Contact me for more information and lets talk about the bike. Also make sure to replace the "at" with the @ mark. This bike is just amazing!! I can ship it to anywhere in the world for you.

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