1992 Honda RS 250 Inverted racing forks

44K - Click for full size image 1992 RS250 upside down forks for sale. Complete with aluminum upper and lower triples, magnesium stem shaft and the axle shaft and collar ( not pictured, but included ) I am asking 650 US Dollars plus the shipping cost.
The forks are straight and in good working condition and order. The triples are made of aluminum and are very light weight. They are in great condition. The RS250 stemshaft is made of magnesium. You probably will not use this part if you plan on installing on your NSR. 51K - Click for full size image
39K - Click for full size image Top view shows some damage to one of the adjusters. The below picture shows a close up of the actual damage.
It looks kind of bad, but is still functional. The other adjuster ( right side ) is perfect. I can order a Brand new adjuster for 70 US Dollars and supply that too. Or I might be able to include a used adjuster in good shape for free. This is the only crash damage to the forks. The forks are totally straight. 55K - Click for full size image
75K - Click for full size image Another view of the adjusters. Only one side is damaged.
Another thing is the inner tubes have a little minor rusting. I think a cool think to do would be to have the inner tubes Titanium Nitrated, cost is reasonable and looks totally wild with the gold coloring. Click here for a picture After that you will be ready to go with awesome forks. If you want to change the seals I can provide those too. Contact me if you have any more questions. Thanks !! 64K - Click for full size image

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