Rich Aldous's NSR 250 SP

Click for full size - 66KThis beautiful 1994 NSR 250 SP belongs to Richard Aldous of South Africa. It has custom body work from Corin Motors, PRD custom pipes which are based on the same design as HRC, HRC wiring harness and 030 card, carbs have been bored and run no filters and really big main jets, the crank, transfers and exhaust ports have been reworked for maximum performance, magtek wheels, stiffer clutch springs, makes about 68hp. Unfortunately Richard was run over by a careless driver in a Land Rover, luckily for him he survived and the bike is being rebuilt right now. Will have more pictures later of this cool Looking NSR once it is complete. Click here or on the picture on the left side to see what can happen if you have a run in with a Land Rover, the other driver was at fault 100 percent. So please take extra care on the road !!