Tim Smithy

Tim Smithy of Australia with his super clean and custom NSR150SP. While he was in Thailand on a trip he picked up a whole bunch of parts for his bike including the custom GP style race seat, custom rear sets and custom fitted Honda dash gauges and faceplate plus more. Tyga helped out with a ported cylinder and skimmed head for higher compression. The carb has been replaced with a Mikuni tmx 36mm from a CR125 dirt bike. Carbon reeds and reed spacer kit, Tyga race exhaust with carbon fiber silencer. Daytona temperature gauge, aluminum bolts, Tyga double bubble smoke color screen, revalved front suspension, RS125 master cylinder, Brembo 4 pot caliper with custom Tyga adapter, Tyga brake lines, race pads and much more. The NSR150SP has been transformed. The power is incredible compared to stock, sounds and runs better and is way more fun to ride. Future plans will include upside down forks, rear custom shock ( Ohlins? ) and even more for perhaps the best NSR150 SP in the world. Tim really wants to thank Matt Patterson of Tyga Performance for all his help with this ever going project.
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