Screen Savers Section

Welcome to the Screen Savers Section of the Multimedia page, at the moment I have only three NSR screen savers. If you have some cool screen savers you would like to add here, then please send them to me !!
Save to drive C: Windows / System folders to install !! Then you can
open and control the screen saver in your screen savers properties
Click to download - 1.23 MB A screen saver dedicated to Repsol colored NSR motorcycles !! A simple screen saver with some nice pictures and basic transitions, nothing fantastic. Click here or on the picture to begin downloading.
File size : 1.23 MB
Click to download - 1.99 MB Another screen saver made by me, this time dedicated to the NSR mini bike, the NSR 50. Contains about 14 never before seen mini bike images on my Website. A definite download for all NSR mini fans. Click here or on the picture to begin downloading.
File size : 1.99 MB
Click to download - 980K A screen saver made by Han using some pictures from the 2001 World GP in Suzuka, Japan. Background music can be turned off or on. Click here or on the picture to download
File size : 980 K
Click to download - 1.28 MB My first attempt at making a screen saver, no laughter please !! Pictures from past Bikes of the Month !! Click here to download or on the picture
File size : 1.28 MB


Contact me if you have some recordings or any other interesting things you want to see here !!