Sound Section

Welcome to the Sound section of the Multimedia page, at the moment I have only two sound recordings of a NSR 250 and a NSR50 Mini. If you have some sound recordings of your NSR, please send them to me !!

Click to download AVI file Jason from New Zealand bringing his 1987 NSR250R MC16 up to speed with stock pipes. Here how it sounds. Click on the picture for a AVI file with sound and a still picture, or for slightly better sound quality with no picture click here for a WAV file (439 K)
Size : 490 K, Length : 20 seconds, AVI file (Sound with still picture)
Size : 439 K, Length : 20 seconds, WAV file (Better sound, no picture)
Click to download this sound recording !! Larry with his tuned up NSR 50 hitting Maximum speed !! To find out more about Larry and his bike check out his web site Larry's 50cc street bikes !!
Size : 840 K, Length : 40 seconds, WAV file


Contact me if you have some recordings or any other interesting things you want to see here !!