Brembo Radial Pump Master Cylinder

144K - Click for larged sized image One of the best upgrades is adding this cool master cylinder from Brembo. It is the same type used on the NSR500 and RC211V Honda works racers. The feeling and `touch` are fantastic !! Better braking control too !!
The conversion is not a bolt on job. One problem is to find a way to mount the reservoir tank for the brake fluid. I used a custom bracket from TSR and then a radiator stay from an old Kawasaki that fit perfectly. Other things to consider are the brake lines which will be around 8cm too short. So I ordered a new set of Earls stainless lines. Finally the bleeder bolt into the master cylinder is smaller than the Nissin master and will need to be replaced too. 100K - Click for full size image
20K - Click for full size image I bought this Brembo reservoir tank from a local parts shop and cut around one of the edges for a cleaner look. A billet filler cap was added for better looks and a new stock Brembo rubber hose was added too.
The master cylinder installed with all the goodies. It fits perfect and does not hit the cowl, meters, screen or stay. One thing is there is no switch for the brakes, so I added a electronic micro switch under the M/C for about 45 dollars. It works perfectly and keeps my NSR road legal ( I think ) I would definitely recommend this conversion for all NSR riders who want to improve their brakes more. 101K - Click for full size image