100,000 Hits

Congratulations to me with 100,000 visitors to my Website this October 22, 2002. That is nearly a visitor for almost each NSR250 ever made in the world. Jamie's NSR Website is averaging nearly 7,000 unique visitors per month which is not too bad for a private Website and has no pop-up banners. My Website continues to grow larger and larger each month. ( Presently at 580 MB )

Visitors from all over the world. Top 5 ranking visitors by country

1. USA
2. Japan
3. Australia
4. England
5. Singapore

I plan on keeping this Website going for a while at least, even if I do eventually buy another larger bike such as a nice used Ducati 996R or maybe a Honda VTR 1000 SP-2. I plan to keep my NSR forever as it is a piece of motorcycle history and one of my treasures. Thank you to everyone for all your support, contributions and coming back to check in on Jamie's NSR Homepage.