200,000 Hits

Congratulations to me with 200,000 visitors to my Website this February 13, 2004. Jamie's NSR Website is averaging over 7,150 unique visitors per month which is not too bad for a private Website that still has no annoying pop-up banners. My Website is still growing larger each month. (Presently at almost 700 MB) and continues to grow little by little each month.

Visitors from all over the world. Top 5 ranking visitors by country

1. USA
2. Japan
3. Australia
4. England
5. New Zealand

I remember when I hit 100,000 hits that I mentioned something like "this website should keep going for a while till I get another Ducati or big V-twin Honda SP-2" Don't worry people, this NSR Website will be here for a very long time and will have regular updates long after I find myself a much bigger bike. I love my NSR's, two strokes, this website and have no plans on ever giving up on it !! In fact I bought a new NSR (actually very old NSR) last autumn for a whole new project to keep me busy. More on that later.........stay tuned !! Thank you to everyone for all your support, contributions and coming back to check in on Jamie's NSR Homepage.