Honda 2001 RS factory racers

Honda has released the all new RS factory racers. They went on sale last month ( August 2001 ) in RS 125R Click for full size image - 40KJapan and should be on sale for the North American market soon. Both models have undergone major changes to improve their performance and Honda's image into the 21st century. 2001 RS 125 - 49K Click for full imageStarting off with the all new RS 125. It's priced at 870,000 Yen and comes in the new RS racing colors. Power is up by half a horsepower due to the new reed valves and redesigned cylinder head ports. Performance new RS 125 Cylinder headis awesome due to it's light weightRS 125 new reed valve on the right, old one on the left of 71 Kilograms and high power which is up to 44 hp. That may not seem like a lot of power but then again it's HRC two stroke power and this bike weighs almost nothing. It can blow away much larger bikes on a track any day !!!

RS 125R Specs
Length : 1800mm
Width : 570mm
Height : 985mm
Seat Height : 700mm
Weight : 71 kg
Power : 44 ps / 12,250 RPM
Tank size : 14 liters
Rim Size : F2.50-17 R3.50-17

Honda totally changed the RS 250. 2001 RS 250 - 60K for full image It is the first major model change since the 1993 models went on sale. One of the most noticeable things are the all new rear suspension. HRC replaced the 2001 RS 250 New swingarm - 36KPro-Arm style swingarm with a beefed up new unit. The geometry of the bike has been all reworked for increased handling. The engine has new mounts and the engine is more compact by 15mm. The cylinder ports and the reed valves are all new as well as a complete reworked ram air system that increases top speed compared to previous RS 250 racers. Engine power is also up by 52001 RS 250 Engine close up - 33K horsepower. The bike puts out an amazing 92 horsepower. Unbelievable when you think this bike only weighs 101 kilograms. That's nearly one horsepower per kilogram. 2001 RS naked - 40K for full viewThe new RS 250R Racers are much faster than their predecessors, handle much better and are a lot easier to ride due to the reworked frame, all new rear suspension and front suspension as well. Brakes are awesome as usual with the giant Brembo calipers needed to slow down this two stroke monster on steroids. The 2001 RS 250R is priced at 1,840,000 Yen.

RS 250R Specs
Length : 1954mm
Width : 640mm
Height : 1090mm
Seat Height : 785mm
Weight : 101 kg
Power : 92 ps / 12,500 RPM
Tank size : 21 liters
Rim Size : F3.50-17 R5.50-17