New logo by Artkore

As you may have noticed recently, the logo has changed on my Website. A few of you have e-mailed me and asked who did the artwork and how can I get one done myself. Here is your chance, this incredible artwork was provided courtesy of ARTKORE. You can find out much more about them at and see many other cool examples of motorcycle art. The price is reasonable compared to the amount of time and effort involved. They can do any image you request with your motorcycle and riding gear.

As you can see ARTKORE can do any motorcycle, street racing, custom, off-road and more. Check out this Website for another example which uses a black back ground with a cool purple glow. Any riding positions and stunts too. Wheelies, stoppies, no handers, knack-knacks, can cans, what ever you can imagine !! Go to for more information, examples, pricing and to contact them !! Rossi on the right side doing a nice stoppie !! Check out the other examples below.

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Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Rough sketch on paper
Fine details and filled in
Full color

Other cool cartoon examples

Artwork by ARTKORE Artwork by ARTKORE Artwork by ARTKORE
SP-1 Wheelie
Haga on the Yamaha
2001 R1