MOTO GP for Playstation 2

Finally a decent game worth buying went on sale today in Japan. If you are a fan of GP racing like myself and own a Playstation 2 then I suggest you get this game as soon as possible !! It is so incredible and realistic !! Click for a slightly larger image - 26KI first purchased my Playstation 2 or as it is known in Japan now, the PS2 in early March of 2000. I was one of the lucky few to get their hands on the PS2 during it's initial release. Unfortunately there were no real interesting games for me. I bought Tekken 3 Tag - Tournament Sorry no biggie !!Battle but soon become bored with it. I love racing games so I had to buy this new game which is based on the awesome GP bike races that we all love. It was a little expensive but after you try it out for yourself you forget how much you paid for the game which by the way cost me 6,800 Yen or about 65 US Dollars. OUCH !!! Anyway I was sure glad I bought it cause it is absolutely fantastic !! All of the racers are in the game, Mick Doohan, Click for a little more - 25KMax Biaggi, Alex Creville, Aoki, Abe, Harada, Okada and Kenny Roberts. Plus you get to ride all the cool bikes, everything !! It's so real compared to the older Playstation 1 version. The sound is great !! You fly thorough the gears and you can really tell the differences between the makers. In the corners you front wheel starts to lift up and you loose control. It's just like watching the GP races on TV !! Click for more - 37KThe graphics are totally improved upon. When I passed Norick Abe, you could see his long hair flying in the wind. The other riders even look back at you and get angry !! It's great !! Another great feature about this game is the replay mode. After you finish your race you can watch yourself race and save the greatest replays to your memory card. Other cool features are the Season mode where you race in a simulated season for points, or the two player mode where you can race with your buddy or mate !! Plus when you get better and clear certain stages you get bonus prizes and can unlock special riders and secret video clips. This game is definitely worth buying if you are a fan of motorcycle GP racing. In fact it's almost as good as watching it on the TV !! You find yourself leaning over in the curves. The only problem is you can only get it on the new Playstation 2, sorry it won't work on your old Playstation. Hopefully it will be on sale soon for the rest of the world. If not then maybe you should move to Japan. To find out more about this game, see the bikes and video footage then click here for more.