Moto GP2 for the Play Station 2
Coming soon !! Sneak Preview

85K - Click for full size image Sony has with out a doubt created the best motorcycle racing game I have ever played in my life, Moto GP for the Play Station 2. The first Moto GP was fairly successful, therefor Sony decided to make a whole new and way better version, Moto GP 2 !!
The new version has much better graphics than the first game and believe me the first game was pretty real, almost too real. In addition to the improved graphics, the engine sound of the bike has been improved too. 107K - Click for really big size
83K - Click for full size One thing that was disappointing with the first game was you were unable to race on all of the World GP tracks, just five. With the new version, all of the Moto GP tracks are available for you to try out the latest and last two stroke NSR 500 machines.
Other improvements include a spectacular opening movie, improved controls, and bike flexibility. Better sound, updated riders and the latest machines. Moto GP 2 will go on sale in Japan in the winter of 2001. Available for the Play Station 2 only. It should go on sale in early 2002 for the North American and European market. Now is the time to get yourself one of those Play Station game consoles and see what it could be like to ride a NSR 500 !! 72K - Click for full size

Click here for more info and pictures in Japanese about Moto GP 2 from Namco
Namco USA ( Nothing about Moto GP2 yet )