Welcome to the NSR Mini page. What exactly is a NSR Mini your probably wondering. Now with the NSR street models discontinued ( NSR 50, 80 and 250 ) There are no more new mini bike NSR's for sale anymore. This is terrible news for mi35 K - Click for larger imageni bike racers so Honda decided to make a limited number of NSR 50 mini bikes built by HRC. These new mini bikes are already to go racing just add yourself. They are designed for the SP12 and M12 class here in Japan. The NSR mini is based on the NSR 50 but has many differences which include an all new 8 channel digital CDI. The ignition is adjustable to meet your needs. It has 8 preset timing curves which you can select. The first four settings are designed for high torque at low speed, middle and high speed ( They are called MAP 1 to MAP 4 ) . MAP 5 through MAP 8 are for getting the most torque from low to middle or middle to high but based on a low speed pattern. The CDI is broad enough to allow you to play with various settings to suit the ignition to meet your needs for different race tracks, racing pipes or even weather changes. The CDI doesn't increase your power. It just allows you to set the bike up to your style. Another  # 1 - Pre- load adjusters     # 2 - Larger radiator   Click for more infohuge difference with the NSR Mini is the new suspension. Previous NSR 50's never came with adjustable suspensions but now with HRC building these bikes they come standard with adjustable front and rear suspensions. The rear suspension is all new and features a oil filled damper which is fully adjustable, the front is adjustable for pre-load in 10 m.m. increments. Damping force is not adjustable. There will be suspension kits sold separately which allow you to swap in different springs for the front or rear. At Arrows points to new rear damper under the seatthe moment it is uncertain what will be the contents of those kits but I heard from a dealer that there will be at least two more inner front springs made available soon, probably in hard and in softer types. Also if you want to purchase the front and rear suspension pieces to upgrade your standard NSR 50 or 80 you can, they are available separately and bolt right on to NSR's from 1995. The Prices are 38,000 Yen for the rear kit and 30,000 for the front kit. The brake system has been slightly improved too with new brake hoses to improve the feeling and a different brake pad compound. The Radiator of the NSR Mini is borrowed from the NS50R which is larger and helps keep the bike cool under all conditions. The bodywork is stock NSR bodywork 75 K - Click for larger imageminus all lights and unnecessary graphics. At the moment it looks to be available in white only with a black front number panel. Other interesting features are the new three spoke wheels replacing the heavier six spoke wheels from the street NSR's and also it's oil pump, air filter and carb box have been removed. It's now necessary to mix the gas and oil together. How can you get your very own NSR Mini ??? Well, you should contact an authorized Honda dealer. They can order one for you. NSR mini's went on sale in February 2000 and the price is 265,000 Japanese Yen. You had better hurry cause they are limited to only 400 bikes for the 2000 season. It's unclear at the moment if Honda will continue making NSR mini's after that. GOOD LUCK !!!