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Now with the NSR discontinued due to lagging sales and tougher emission laws for two cycle engines. Jha , one of the leading tuners in Japan for NSR motorcycles has created a whole new version of an NSR that could have been , had Honda not given up on the NSR. Built to be almost as fast as a RS 250 but durable enough to drive on the street. The ultimate two stroke street bike. We will never know what could have been but here is Jha's vision of the NSR through their eyes had there actually been a NSR 2000 SP.
Here it is. If you click here or on the image you can see a larger more detailed picture of the NSR 2000 SP. There are quite a few differences between this bike and a regular street NSR. click for larger image 69K
New upside down forks One of the improvements and major differences is the whole new front suspension. It is borrowed from the Honda RVF 400. The full kit from Jha
The front end consists of the forks from the RVF, larger disks, top bridge, handle bars, special SPL fork springs, axle kit and front fender. The parts are designed so that they bolt on using the original NSR front wheel and brake calipers. All new top bridge
You can still use your handle lock on the MC 28's and the fork springs and inner collar are specially designed by Jha for increased performance. The kit fits perfectly and allows faster and safer cornering speeds, better braking and improved performance overall. Comes standard on the NSR 2000 SP or you can buy the fork kit separately from Jha for 280,000 Japanese Yen.
Rear wheel cover Designed specifically for street MC-28 NSR's. This wheel cover is made of fiberglass and clicks on to your rear wheel with just one click. Carbon look rear wheel cover
Standard on the NSR 2000 SP or available separately for your own MC-28 NSR. Black fiberglass gelcoat 8,800 Japanese Yen or slightly extra for a carbon-look version. Paint it or decorate it to match your bike or leave it as it is.
Jha GP style seat The NSR 2000 SP also has all new body work which is lighter and based on the Honda RS 250 as well, first there is the more aerodynamic seat cowl which is smaller and reduces drag but still has a place to mount a brake light for street use. Look carefully and you can see small tinted turn signals. Unfortunately you lose your small seat storage space.
Also available is a fenderless kit designed by Jha to help clean up the image of the bike from the rear. It looks better , is lighter and also allows you to adjust the angle of your number plate to your preference. It's also sold separately for 14,800 Yen. Click for full image - 99K
Front cowl - 36K Click for larger image Here is the all new front cowl which is available separately or standard on the new NSR 2000 SP.
The front cowl is new too, borrowed from a 1999 RS 250. It's been modified to fit a head light normally where the intake is for the ram air system or you can buy it separately for racing and actually use it as a ram air system. The under cowl can be removed quickly with all new one touch fasteners. Comes in white gelcoat if ordered individually or in the Jha racing colors when you purchase a complete machine. new upper cowl for NSR 2000 SP
Full power card key The best part about the NSR 2000 SP is that it is unrestricted in power and speed. Jha makes their own de-restrictor card keys in shop. Therefore they need your bike in their shop for a week because it iss quite complicated to perform the task while keeping your electrical system in perfect running order. This is also available separately for other PGM IV Memory Card NSR's. Just bring your bike to Jha along with your key and it's spare. Don't forget to bring 88,000 Yen.
A big part of the power gains are also due to the new pipes. Type D 500 V. They are standard on the NSR2000SP or sold in a set for 120,000 Yen. The silencers are Carbon Kevlar and the pipes are lightweight aluminum. Jha claims they increase horsepower from 10 to 15 ps. Type D 500 V chambers
Type D 500 V pipes The all new Type D 500 V pipes are based on the same specifications as the NSR 500 V racers. Designed for full power without sacrificing low end. Allows you to get your front end in the air if you know what I mean. Massive wheely potential !!!!
Check out these power gains. The bottom line ( red ) is a standard NSR 250. It has 40 ps. The middle line ( green ) is the same bike with just the 500 V pipes on it. It's 55 ps or horse power. The top line ( blue ) is with the full power kit and new cylinders. It puts out an amazing 70 horsepower. That's a lot for a lightweight two stroke bike. The proof
SPL cylinders Here are the new SPL cylinders made exclusively by Jha. They have been completely reworked to maximize horsepower from the middle of the power band right to the top. Also sold separately for 12,800 Yen each. Think about these next time you over haul your engine.