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Rothmans NSR Meeting in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Sunday, November 9th, 2003

Here are some pictures from the NSR meeting held in Toyota city, Japan. It was organized by my friend Momo who also has Japan's top NSR website called IJITTERUKAI? The main theme for this meeting was Rothmans colored NSR's, but of course it was open to all types of NSR's. The weather was not exactly the greatest. It was raining slightly and skies were grey for the whole day, so only about half of the scheduled owners showed up. In total there were 11 NSR owners who still managed to ride their NSR's despite the bad weather, 12 other NSR owners showed up by car and two more owners (MC21) showed up a bit late after these pictures were taken. It was pretty fun to meet up with the other Japanese owners, everybody was really friendly and nice. Free coffee and tea was readily available while we all talked and exchanged stories and information. There was a present exchange where everybody brought a small present that were handed out with a number draw. I received two MC18 Rothmans stickers and a MC18 PGM unit which I ended up giving to a MC18 owner that needed it desperately. We finished up around 3:00 PM as many people had long rides back home and the skies were still grey with chances of rain in the evening. Overall the meet was great !! It was a bit unfortunate about the weather and small turnout of NSR's, but we are planning on holding another event just like this again in the spring of 2004 in the Kansai (West Japan) area (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe), hopefully the weather will be better and have a much larger turnout. Thanks to Momo and all the other NSR riders at the meeting !!
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127K - Click for full size image In total six Rothmans NSR plus one MC21 that showed up after the event.
From left to right; 1-Momo's 1989 Rothmans Rep, 2-Ryuzo's 1988 MC18SP, 3-Nisshi's immaculate MC18SP, 4-My NSR (Jamie), 5-Rothmans Mick, 6-Tak's NSR

The Group shot

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From left to right; 1-Mouzou's awesome Repsol SP, 2-Momo's 1989 Rothmans Rep, 3-Ryuzo's 1988MC18SP, 4-Nisshi's mint condition MC18SP, 5-Jamie, 6-Rothmans Mick with his unbelievable SP, 7-Tak, 8-Souhei's NSR250 SP, 9-1989 Terra Blue MC18, 10-Ken's MC28, 11-Shokigata's MC16 138K - Click for full size image
72K - Click for full size image A picture of Souhei's very cool 1994 NSR250R SP. More about this bike later in the near future.

Last minute MC21

Right after the show had ended and everybody was on their way home, this absolutely mint condition MC21 SP Rothmans showed up while I was stopping to make a phone call. He asked us about the meet and we told him it had finished already, too bad. However, I did manage to take a few shots of his beautiful MC21 SP!! His name was Ui.....More shots of his MC21, Tak's and mine. What a day !! 135K - Click for full size image
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