Past pictures of my NSR 250R SE
and minor chronicles from the beginning

128K - Click for full size image The very first picture I ever took of my NSR 250R SE after replacing the bodywork with the SP Rothmans Colors. The bike still has all the normal parts, rear passenger foot pegs and no screen.
Another shot from the front. It was so clean and I was in dreamland with my Rothmans colored NSR. The bike was literally babied !! Covered and triple locked, guarded by me with a baseball bat. 60K - Click for full size image
38K - Click for full size image A picture of me getting ready to pull out of the underground parking lot.
Here I am outside my old apartment in the summer of 1995 with my old racing suit and Doohan helmet, I still have this helmet and use it for very special occasions. The racing suit was stolen later on.... 62K - Click for full size image
65K - Click for full size image A few months later I finally saved up for my new Jha SP pipes with carbon Kevlar silencers. These were the latest thing back in the Autumn of 1995.
A few years later and I am still riding the bike, it has actually become my daily transportation for getting around in Japan and now is getting dirty. I also high sided the bike once too in the summer of 1998 with Tak and some other NSR friends. I was fine, but my bike got scratched up a bit on the right side, the Jha pipes were getting rusty too and I started racing with the NSR 50 mini bike more. 107K - Click for full siz image
84K - Click for full size image

Let's face it, we all ride these great bikes and love to have fun with them. Sooner or later you are going to go down with it. Hopefully it will not be a painful experience but I do know it will be a learning experience. It happens to everyone, even the greatest racers in the world !! Luckily for me I was fine. Learn from your mistakes !!

This is one of the last pictures with the Jha pipes taken in the Winter of 1999. As I began the first pages of "Jamie's NSR Homepage " I began to get back into my NSR250 again and decided that it was time to bring it back to it's former beauty due to years of neglect and daily use as my everyday transportation.

So I bought myself a second bike, actually a 90cc scooter and parked the NSR for a while in a car port that kept it safe from the rain. I started using my old bike cover again, and on nice weekends I began to disassemble the bike piece by piece a little each time. I would replace old worn out parts with original or aftermarket parts and cleaned up everything thoroughly with degreaser and never dull. 139K - Click for full size image
53K - Click for full size image

It took me right up to spring to restore the NSR back to the days when I brought her back home with the new Rothmans bodywork. The bike was looking great !! Spring was here and time to go riding with my NSR buddies.

The old Magical Racing screen before the new Multi Coated stepped screen was added.

And then it happened.....while driving with some friends in the mountain area. A speeding Japanese moron driver came flying across my lane, crossed over the center line big time with his white Mazda Miata and clipped me. That was it, I was down, the NSR went into a creek and I had broken my leg and was on the way to the hospital. The driver......escaped, never to be found again !! I will kill that motherf@*ker if I ever find him. Karma will have revenge on you !! 80K - Click for full size image
88K - Click for full size image Anyway, two months later. I bought a Ducati 748 and it blew up after one week. I returned that bike and for some reason went back to the old NSR. Almost gave up on it and this Website, but now the NSR is back and better then ever. Paul and Matt at Tyga were the greatest and my good buddy Tak too with his awesome mechanical skills helped out too.

After a lot of hard work and many more Yen. The NSR is back to normal. Actually it is in the best condition yet and just rocks !! Not a scratch and looks totally wild !! I am so happy with the bike right now. I hope I can keep it this clean forever.

I have big plans for my NSR, but that depends on funds and how things go this year. I want to convert to a upside down fork set up, more trick parts, rear Mag-Tek wheel and GP style bodywork from Silhouette Japan. More on this later !!

107K - Click for full size image
Sanae and I with my brand new NSR 250 on the left and the NSR 80 on the right. This picture is from early 1995. These were the original colors of my SE model before changing over to the Rothmans Colors.
Cheers Everybody !! Please take care on your NSR's and to keep them in the condition they deserve !!