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Hello and welcome to the secret page. I hope you did not have too much trouble finding it. I thought I would add this secret page to let others know a little about me, but not too much cause I want to keep that a secret. Below you can find out a little more about me if you are interested (I do not know why anyone would be) Plus you can find some exclusive pictures and extra stuff not featured on the regular pages.

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This is a very interesting story about the NSR250R SP and other grey market bikes in the UK. From the May 1995 issue of Fast Bikes. Click on the ladies butt for more about this......shhhhhh. Click here to see the article
Rossi NSR 500 Click on the image of the NSR500 for more about this wild bike that won the 2001 World championship and was driven by Valentino Rossi. Some nice pictures can be found inside.....
The good, the bad and the GIANT !!?? This is the largest motorcycle in the world. Some people always need the biggest of everything.... Big Toe - the largest motorcycle in the world !!
Click to see this bike and other cool Non-Honda two strokers I know this Website is dedicated to the NSR250R, but I just had to show some of these other wild and amazing two stroke custom machines....
Some exclusive pictures of my NSR 250R SE from years ago that were never featured on this Website before. Plus a few old pictures before the latest parts were added. Exclusive pics of my NSR250R SE

Check out how my website has changed since the very first Jamie's NSR Homepage
No laughing please, it was made a long time ago when I was first learning about websites.

Some exclusive pictures not featured on my Website, some pictures from TSR,
Yahagi Dam,
Tsukuba circuit and my bike on the far right bottom.

121K - My NSR in front, Momo's MC18 in the middle and Tak in the background, picture taken at Yahagi Dam (Fall 2003) 72K - Tak and my NSR at night (August 2003) 198K - My NSR in front of the TSR race support transporter in Suzuka, Japan (Early sping 2003) 138K - Tak and my NSR in front of TSR headquarters in Suzuka, Japan (Winter 2003) 200K - Tak, Momo's NSR MC18 and my NSR in the background at Yahagi Dam (Fall 2003) 139K - Tak, Momo's NSR MC18 and my NSR in the background at Yahagi Dam (Fall 2003)
Click for full size - 55K Click for full size - 30K Click for full size - 73K Click for larger view - 30K My bike - 49K Click for full size

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