Who is this Jamie guy ??

Click for full size image - 75K This picture was taken by one of my good NSR friends, Sohei. He rides an 88 NSR250R SP in Rothmans colors. It's just a little picture of me crusing by quite slowly, nothing special. Click on the image for a larger size.
Another picture of me driving by slowly, I was smiling at the camera as I drove by, but you can not tell because of my tinted visor. This picture is from the Yahagi area, a beautiful area for escaping from the busy city life. Come and join us if you happen to be in the Aichi area of Japan. Click for full size image - 46K
Click to see more of Buddy the super Mini Dacshund !! Here is Buddy, our cute and lovable little Miniature Dachshund. He is the greatest little dog and I wish I could take him out for rides on my NSR.
Something that I am really into now is vintage BMX or old school BMX bikes from the early 1980's. When I was a kid growing up I was into racing these bikes and for some reason found myself back into them almost 20 years later. I love these old bikes and like to restore them and ride them. Rumors have it I might have a website about these. My favorite old school bikes are Kuwahara, Hutch and SE. 165K - Click to see more about my old school BMX bikes
49K - Click for more about my 914 My precious Porsche 914 or VW/Porsche 914 for you Europeans. I have had this car for around 15 years. It was in mint condition with various modifications but has been in storage for so long that it needs some work again. I hope to get started on this project again around 2007 or so. Cheers!!
One of my favorite things to do when I am not riding my NSR or hanging out with my buddies. Snowboarding. Most of you may know what this is. I really live for this stuff !!
My Ducati 748 that I bought in 2001. It was a great bike, fast, fun and really sounded wild. I had it for five days and then the engine literally exploded. Sold the bike and fixed my NSR after the great crash of Spring 2001 which involved me breaking my leg and almost giving up on this Website. The other driver of the car that hit me was never caught and apprehended by the Japanese police. Boy, if I knew where that MotherF@*ker was right now !! Future plans may see me on a Ducati again or a SP-2. No worries though, this homepage will continue !!
A secret video

Click to watch me goofing around !! Me coming down the road after doing a U-turn, a small wheelie where I come close to the guard rail and then this tiny little stoppie. No laughing please. I didn't have any rehearsal time, my friend pulled out his camera quickly and I did not want to stick around because of some fisherman complaining about me making noise and being dangerous.......go figure !!
320 x 200, 14 seconds, 1.52 MB, AVI file with no sound or click here for the same video for a slightly higher resolution ( 4.9 MB )

Name Jamie Wheeler ( AKA Wheelieboy )
Birth date April 5
Blood type Red O +
Favorite food Beer
Favorite drink Beer
Hobbies Motorcycles, sports cars, traveling, old school BMX, snowboarding, music, Yakiniku and beer
Present location Nagoya , Japan
Future location Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Place of birth Toronto, Canada
Places lived Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Newfoundland, Kyoto, Wakayama, Nagoya
Hometown Vancouver, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Occupation CNC Machinist/ Tool and Die maker
Favorite movie Star Wars ( original )
Favorite bands NOFX, Hi - standard, Sum41, Green day, Offspring, The Clash, The Beastie Boys, Rancid, Metallica, The Violent Femmes and The Day Glow Abortions

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People always ask me why are you in Japan and what do you do ? I am not really sure of the first question, it just kind of happened. I first came over for travels and studies in 1994 and maybe I got addicted to all these great bikes......and the job.......well, let's leave that to the next update. I hope you have enjoyed my Website.