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NSR 50

NSR 50 '97

The smallest of all NSR's ever produced.It's first year of
production started in 1987.It was to compete with the Yamaha YSR
which started production in 1986 in Japan.The NSR 50 was released
at a later date but was superior to the YSR.It was featured with
front and rear cross drilled disc brakes.Three spoke aluminum wheels
more tractible water cooled engine,six speed gearbox a stronger frame
better suspension and more modern bodywork.The engine had 7.2 horsepower
and the top speed was limited to 60 Km/h.In Japan 50 c.c. motorcycles
and scooters did not require a motorcycle license.Also the speed limit
for these 50 c.c. powered vehicles was limited to 30 km/h.Many people did not follow
these laws and governing limiter cutters were available for about \5000 and up which
would allow your bike to hit a maximum speed of 80 km/h.With the
expansion chamber or pipe changed you could hit 100-110km/h with a
stock engine.In mid 1989 the NSR 50 and 80 underwent a few cosmetic
changes to the cowl,revised winkers and expansion chamber.New color
variations were available, Terra colors from the 1988-89 250 GP bikes
in silver/white or blue/white.Rothmans colors were available for the
second time.Rothmans were first available on the 1987 NSR 50's from
May.These bikes are extremely rare now and fetch quite a premium.
Rothmans colors were never available for the 80 c.c.'s, though there
are a few people who have painted or replaced there bodywork with Rothmans bodywork.
NSR 50 BLACK '96
Rothmans returned in March 1990 for a limited time.There were no changes for a
few years.In 1993 the NSR's wheels were changed from 3 spoke to 6 spoke
aluminum wheels.New colors also debuted.In 1994 Rothmans colored NSR 50's
returned this time with the Rothmans name and stickers applied,previous
NSR 50's never had the Rothmans name on them just the familiar colors of
blue,white and yellow with gold and red stripes.In 1995 the NSR's once
again changed there apperance,most noticeable was the newly designed one
piece seat.The front suspension top bridge had been replaced with a
polished aluminum unit with handle bars that clipped on under the bridge.
The engine,cooling system and electrical system were improved.The
tachometer's faceplate was changed to white and offcourse all new colors
were avaiable again,this time modelled after the HRC tri-colored GP
bikes.They had carbon-look stickers.In 1997 the colors changed again.
This time with even more carbon look decals.Finally the NSR's were made
available in the Repsol colors for the first time for the 12 inch
wheelied NSR's.They were made to celebrate Mick Doohans five consecutive
World Championships from 1994 to 1998 and featured his signature on the
gas tank.This is to be the final year for the NSR's due to smog
regulations.The value of these bikes will probally increase over the
next few years.

NSR 80

1990 NSR 80

The NSR 80 was released in late 1987 in Japan.It was almost identical
to the NSR 50 with a few exceptions.First ofcourse being the much larger
engine displacement,horsepower was now up to 12 compared to 7.2 for the
smaller NSR 50.The carburator was the same as the 50 just with a larger
main jet,the frame and brakes were the same,the 80 had a heavier front
suspension and a larger radiator also a speedometer that read to 120 Km/h.
Gearing was more spread out and had a top speed of about 110km/h in stock
condition.Because the NSR 80 was over 50 c.c's it fell into the same class
as full sized motorcycles and therefore didn't sell well because you needed
a regular motorcycle license so very few NSR 80's were made compared with
the 50's.

NSR 250

1992 Rothmans NSR SP

The NSR 250 debuted in 1987,in it's day it was an amazing machine with
nimble handling and awesome acceleration.In 1988 it was reworked with new
bodywork and an even more peakier engine.(Many people say that 1988 was
the best year for all the NSR's engines 50's,80's and the 250's).Also in
1988 the first SP version was released in Rothmans racing colors,these
bikes are quite rare now.In 1989 the NSR was again updated,once more with
new bodywork,offset silencers,new rear suspension,PGM II intake system
and the option of the SP with lighter magnesium wheels and dry clutch in
new colors Terra colors (NSR racing sponsor).In 1990 the NSR's changed
alot with new everything,gullarm suspension,more exciting bodywork,PGM III
intake system and different colors.1991 saw the introduction of the SP in
Pentax racing colors,it had magnesium wheels,adjustable suspension and
a dry racing clutch.In 1992 the SP's had Rothman's colors and all the extras
as the previous year SP.The SE version was available with the adjustable
suspension and dry clutch but no magnesium wheels for a reduced cost.There
was also the standard R version which had non-adjustable suspension and a
standard wet style clutch.In 1993 the rothmans color SP had changed to the
regular tri-colors but with all the goodies.This bike is also quite rare.
Then in 1994 was probally the biggest change of them all,the new PGM IV.
It had a whole new body with sleeker aerodynamics,the single sided pro arm
suspension and offcourse the memory card replacing the standard key(It looks
a lot like a credit card),power was also down to 40 horsepower from 45 on
previous NSR's,but acceleration performance was not hurt.Now with the memory
card style key it was immposible to cut the limitter.Speed was limited to
180 km/h.There were HRC cards available but these were not designed to work
with the standard harness so you would lose all your electrical operations
such as your lights,winkers and stop lights.There are ways around this and
a few companies can rewire your card and bike so that your limitter is cut
but your electrical system is uneffected.In 1994 Honda once again released
the NSR in Rothmans colors for the final time,only 1500 were made for Japan
so they carry an appreciation and are quite pricey compared to the SE or the
standard R version.In 1995 the SP changed it's colors to the HRC tri-colors.
There are only a few of these bikes around and they hold there value strongly.
In 1996 there were no mechanical changes only new colors for the SE and R.
The SP was released in Repsol colors.The SP was later discontinued in 1997
and so far another SP has not been released,it looks like Honda never make
another SP now that they have decided to stop making the NSR's.This will
probally make the cost of rarer NSR'S increase in value.Good luck getting
your hands on one if you can.