Honda NS250R

78K - Click for full size Before there was the NSR, Honda was busy racing and winning with it's RS250R works racers. So Honda decided to make a street model based on the championship winning machines. The NS250R was born !!
The NS250R was state of the art in it's day and even today is still quite a respectable bike. 73K - Click for full size
72K - Click for full size The engine for the NS was closely based on the same design as the factory works machines. A liquid cooled two stroke V-twin type engine with 45 horsepower at 9,500 RPM gave the NS250R more than enough power.
On the right side is the Engine performance curve for the NS250R and F models. Click here or on the chart for a larger size.
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Model : MC 11
Engine type : liquid cooled 90 degree V-twin two cycle
Engine size : 249cc
Bore x stroke : 56.0 x 50.6
Horsepower : 45 ps at 9,500 rpm
Torque : 3.6 kg-m at 8,500 rpm
Gearbox : 6 speed return
Gear ratio : 1st - 2.800
2nd - 1.800
3rd - 1.375
4th - 1.153
5th - 1.000
6th - 0.900
Ignition : Electronic CDI unit
Length : 2,005 mm
Width : 720 mm
Height : 1,125 mm ; ( F type 1,040 mm )
Wheelbase : 1,375 mm
Caster : 27 . 15 degrees
Trail : 100 mm
Dry weight : 144 kg
Fuel Economy : 36 kms per liter at 50 km/h
Tank capacity : 19 liters
Tire size : (F) 100/90 - 16, (R) 110/90 - 17
80K - Click for full size The NS250 was also available in a non cowl type or naked style, it was known as the NS250F. Performance was the same, but the R type had better aero dynamics due to it's sleek bodywork
The NS250R was also available in the Rothmans racing colors. These were special edition bikes and are worth more than the standard R and F models. Click here or on the picture on the right for a sample of the NS250R Rothmans colors promo pamphlet from Honda Japan. Click to view this rare catalog

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