Updated June 1st, 2009
**MC28 HRC Racing Set up kit in English**

You asked for it and now it is here, the all new technical section devoted to helping out NSR riders keep their NSR machines on the road, learn more about their bikes, save mechanic and labor charges while having fun !!
• Service and Maintenance
MC28 HRC set up kit manual in English - MC28 HRC Racing Kit Set up manual with HRC Parts Listing
This was sent in to me by an anonymous sender who wanted to share this with the NSR community on the net. It is not an official HRC manual, instead it was translated by I believe some shop in either New Zealand or Australia that specializes in two stroke bikes. It is missing several pages from the original but is extremely useful if you have a MC28 bike and plan to tune it or go racing. Sadly most of the parts in the parts listing are now unavailable. This is a large PDF File so you will need some version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view it.
File size is 1.79MB so it may take time on slower net connections. Requires Adobe Reader to view.
MC28 Top end rebuild !! 36K - Click for all the details. MC28 Top end rebuild
All of the NSR 250 models are based on the same engine design with a few small differences. This section shows you how to do a top end rebuild job on your MC28 type NSR 250. Click here or on the logo for a complete guide.
Special thanks to : Cody McDaniel
Due to the slightly large size, please give it some time to download.
Click here to learn how to rebuild your front forks Front fork overhaul on a MC28 NSR 250 SE. Also a great reference for other earlier NSR models and includes fork oil level and capacity for all models that I personally translated at the bottom of the page.
Photos and technical info : Matt Patterson
• Wiring Diagrams •
MC16 Wiring Diagram MC16 Wiring Diagram in English
A translation of the MC16 Wiring Diagram into English by myself
MC18 Wiring Diagram in English MC18 Wiring Diagram in English
A translation of the MC18 Wiring Diagram from a Swedish NSR rider
Special thanks to : Anders
MC21 Wiring Diagram in English MC21 Wiring Diagram in English
A translation of the MC21 Wiring Diagram courtesy of Andy Grant of NSR-WORLD.COM.

Special thanks to : Andy Grant
MC28 Wiring Diagram in English MC28 Wiring Diagram in English
A translation of the MC28 Wiring Diagram into English by myself
• Torque Settings •
Complete torque settings translated from the Japanese service manual into English for all models. Please note : This page is 212K and may take a few seconds to download so have some patience please.
• MC16 Parts Listing •
Still under construction but nearing completion. The online MC16 Parts Listing book translated and done by myself. I am trying to add a few pages each month when I can find time. When I finish the MC16 and if I have time I might even add the MC18.
• Sprocket Guide •
The sprocket ratio guide for MC21 and MC28 models. Ideal for setting your bike up for various track events or adjusting the final drive. Now you can find out your exact speed with various sprocket sizes.
• Other •
This is totally incomplete and not even close to being ready. It really is a massive job and I do not have the time to do it. There was talk of some others helping me out but that seems to have changed. I have a couple pages only and would like to add more if I only had more time....


Do you think you have some technical expertise that you want to share with the world ? Do you want to contribute to this section ? If so, contact me and let's talk.