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Stuff I have for sale right now

New 77K - Click for full size image A single 1997 RS125 disc for sale. Full floating type. In excellent condition, Same as RS250 disc but right side only. 296mm diameter, same size as CBR600R. Manufactured by SunStar. 75 US Dollars plus shipping. Beautiful !!
46K - Click for full size image MC18 ( 1988 and 1989 ) NSR 250 Titan-iridium coated clear turn signal lenses with orange bulbs. Very distinctive Give your bike a new look. Sold as one pair ( left and right ) fits both front or rear as well as the 1989 VFR400. Priced at 28 US Dollars per pair plus shipping. Non-Titan-iridium clear lenses available also at 25 dollars per pair.
New 39K - Click for full size image Preload quick adjusters. Made by Okumura racing, the finest and most expensive around. Super lightweight !! Makes preload adjustments a snap. Give your bike a distinctive look too. Fits all MC21, MC28 and 89SP (R 6K) Choose from blue, red, silver, black or gold. Priced at 49 dollars for one set and includes lock nuts.
Pictured is the RS250 adjusters in blue and NSR250 in red, many other models available too ( RS125/250, TZ125/250, RVF400, CBR, VTR1000, TZR, RGV, etc )
68K - Click for full size image The HRC center mounted cylinder head kit. Complete kit for sale with new head, studs, gasket and a specialty radiator hose that is necessary for the conversion. This kit requires the use of a RS250 short plug and RS250 plug cap. Increased power. 150 US Dollars for the whole kit.
31K - Click for full size image Jha racing clutch springs for the NSR 250 SE and SP. With increased power it is necessary for stronger springs to avoid slipping of the clutch. 20 percent stronger compared to the stock springs. 29 dollars for a complete set.
Click it for more info MC21 SP model for sale in The Netherlands, ready for shipment to anywhere in the world. Click here or on the picture for more info.
61K - Click for full size image Jha Complete carb setting kit. Brand new in the unopened baggie. Having trouble ordering from Jha ? Why not order from me. MC28 is 165 and MC21 is 155 US Dollars plus shipping.
36K - Click for full size image HRC reed stuffers (left) and HRC reed valves with spacers (right). All parts sold as a set for 73 US Dollars. Awesome throttle response. 28K - Click for full size image
49K - Click for full size image This is a split headlight upper cowl cover for the MC28 from Magical Racing. This part is out of production. New was 180 US$. I have this used cowl covering in excellent condition for 95 Dollars. Shipping extra. A very rare item, be the only person with this in your country !! A great way to cover up a cracked upper. Click here for one more picture of the installed upper. Side view 48K - Click for full size image
29K - Click for larger image

MC28 Active Floating pin conversion kit. Converts your MC28 NSR front discs to the floating style while adding a unique and stylish look. Blue anodized pins with all circlips and parts necessary. Brand new never opened. 115 US Dollars plus shipping.
Also fits VTR1000

Other colors ( Silver, Red, Purple, Gold, Black chrome ) available too for 120 US Dollars for the complete kit to fit NSR models from 1988 and up, plus many more other bikes too.

46K - Click for full size image The one and only NSR250R collectors pin. Highly detailed MC28 SE model with duel fastening pins for added security. Unique and a must have item for the NSR collector freak. Rare and in limited numbers. 26 US Dollars.
50K - Click for full size image 34K - Click for full size imageMC28 BREMBO caliper adapter brackets. CNC machined adapters allow fitting of Brembo calipers (40mm pitch) to your MC28 front forks. Complete with stainless bolts. BRAND NEW......115 Dollars
MC21 adapter brackets are available too
48K - Click for full size image BREMBO 4 pot calipers. Drastically improved braking, lighter weight and better looks too. Brand new with brand new pads !! 395 US Dollars for one pair ( left and right ). You will need the above Brembo adapter brackets as well. Also includes brand new brake pads !!
28K - Click for full size image MC28 Rear wheel BETA pin. Replace your old wheel spacer pin with this cool looking pin for a unique GP machine look. Works with your normal spacer and nut. Made from Stainless steel. Also fits NC30 ( VFR400 ) and NC35 ( RVF400 ) ...... 15 dollars
47K - Click for full size image
Now out of production for the NSR, the M-Max CDI de-restrictor box. I have two for sale, MC21 and MC18 BRAND NEW IN THE BOX 85 US Dollars each plus shipping. Get them while you still can, cause M-Max has stopped making these. Easy bolt on power !!
Sold 36K - Click for full size image MC 18 - Gas Tank. Blue and White factory colors. The tank is not dented, but has some scuffs and minor scratches. Ideal for a second tank or repaint. Sorry no key. 75 US Dollars plus shipping.
28K - Click for slightly larger size MC28 - Front wheel with disc rotors. Standard aluminum, NOT Mag-Tek. The wheel has a small dent on the right side (arrow), can be used for street riding, not recommended for racing unless properly repaired by a professional shop. Make me an offer.
Sold 30K - Click for full size image MC28 - Upper cowl stay. This part is used and is in fair condition. Some minor rusting around the bolt holes for the mirrors. I am super picky for my NSR, so I bought a brand new one. I would recommend a respray for picky people like me, or just leave it as is. I am asking 30 US Dollars.
20K - Click for full size Japanese Street Racer Helmet Diffuser - One size fits all Shoei and Arai helmets. Brand new !! Be the only guy ( or girl ) on the block with this weird helmet accessory. 69 Dollars. Paint it to match or leave it as is. Finished in a high quality white or black gel coat.
Sold 31K - Click for full size MC28 - Mirrors, Left and Right. Left mirror is in good shape with some very minor scuffs, right mirror is not so lucky. Not the prettiest around, but functional. The mirror lenses are not damaged, however one of the bolts has broken. Make me an offer.
Sold 55K - Click for full size MC21 NSR250R and NSR250R SP Factory owners manual in excellent condition. This was the original manual that came with the bike and tool kit when you bought it new over 10 years ago. JAPANESE ONLY. Serious offers over 50 dollars.
Click for more info and pictures 1992 RS250 upside down forks for sale. SOLD
Used MC28 Jha pipes for sale, reduced to 360 dollars plus shipping. Click here or on the picture for more information. SOLD
91K - Click for full size

Top Rider - the movie. Before there was Full throttle and Legends of Speed, there was Top Rider. This was a B - class Japanese film about a Japanese racer who tries to be like his Father, a top racer who unfortunately was killed in a racing accident. Will he make it big like his Father ??

The video is in the VHS - NTSC format, running time is 80 minutes, Stereo Hi-fi and the video is BRAND NEW, Not used !! Never before opened and still sealed in the original packaging. List price is 14,300 Yen for the video. I am open to offers over 50 dollars. Serious Only Please

Lot's of NSR action. Racing and Street. Filmed in 1990 with the all new MC21 Gullarm ( at that time )
JAPANESE ONLY, contains some scenes of nudity


Picture not available

MC21 - Left side bracket for the gear change side. Foot peg has been shortened but fine, comes with part of the linkage. I will try to get a picture soon. Left side only !!

95K - Click for full size My old lower bodywork for the MC28 NSR. The bodywork is in very ruff shape. However it may be good for some one who is looking for an extra set to paint or use for racing. I have all three pieces. Left and right sides. No upper cowl or seat cowl. Make me an offer. Rothmans Colors !! SOLD
50K - Click for full size Magical Racing Stepped Screen. The screen has a fracture inside the screen, this happened when the screen was bent. The screen is in one piece and solid, but does not look so great due to this stress crack. The screen is about 150 US dollars brand new. Ideal for a racer or somebody who is not a perfectionist like myself. Besides I got my new Prototype screen from Magical Racing. Make me an offer. SOLD

Parts are located in Nagoya, Japan. You are welcome to come pick them up yourself or I can help ship them to you
for the actual shipping and packaging cost. I accept cash or beer as payment. All parts sold as is and with no warranty.

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